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Topic: Sampletekk question since this is the last day

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    Sampletekk question since this is the last day

    Hey everyone-

    I'm going to buy two Sampletekk pianos today (I think) since the deals are so good. The Rain Piano is pretty cool and I'm trying to also choose another one out of all his selections that is sorta in this neighborhood for sound at the Youtube link below.

    Pretty much ignore everything after the few seconds since too many electric and overdubbed stuff comes in that cover up the main piano. This record USED to be around without all the overdubs. At about the middle of the clip, the main piano gets more into main view, but not for long. I always liked the piano on this recording back when you could hear it better as it seemed very mellow. Maybe it was just the way it was recorded in 1972 in Nashville-


    I sent a message to Worra a couple of weeks ago but haven't heard from him on his opinion so I guess he's real busy.

    I know pianos are subjective and there are a bazillion of them, but I couldn't really tell which of Worra's would be in this type. The 7CG seems a little bright.

    Any opinions from you existing Sampletekk users?

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    Re: Sampletekk question since this is the last day

    I find Steiny D close to be a pretty mellow piano personally, though I dont have many others to compare it with. I did order 7CG's and look forward to trying it.

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