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Topic: anyone using a Tascam 1804 with leopard?

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    anyone using a Tascam 1804 with leopard?

    Is anyone using a Tascam FW-1804 (rack mounted) with leopard?

    Ive been using one quite happily with Tiger for sometime now, then last night i upgraded to leopard and now theres no handshake between the two! Im really annoyed!

    Has anyone got the two working together? I already have the lastest drivers and firmware, and im asking here cos I know that Tascam's support service is incredibly bad....


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    Re: anyone using a Tascam 1804 with leopard?

    i don't have the 1804, but i do have the 1884 and it works within leopard without any problems. have you tried all fw port options? i know that some setups are inconsistent from one fw port to another. also with the 1884, there are in a sense two protocols at work: as an audio interface and as a control surface, so there are a few options within the 1884 software control panel to fiddle with if things aren't working correctly. sorry i can't be more help.

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