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Topic: Pro Tools Problem?

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    Question Pro Tools Problem?

    Hello. I'm new here and I have a question about using Pro Tools 8 with Garritan Personal Orchestra. I have been successfully using both GPO and the Concert/Marching Band software as plug ins in Pro Tools 7. I'm using these with the Kontakt Player. I heard (and I think I read something here awhile back) about there being compatibility issues with the Kontakt Player and Pro Tools 8. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm avoiding installing anything new that might mess up my current system, which is working very nicely. But Pro Tools 8 has some new features I'd like to use.

    Also, could someone please talk to me about the Aria Player? What is it, and do I need it?



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    Re: Pro Tools Problem?

    I recently upgraded to PT 8 and i love it. I can't say much about kontakt player compatibility except that i did open an older session with both kontakt 2 and kontakt player instruments, and it did open and play. i haven't tried anything else yet. but if i do. i'll keep you posted.

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    Re: Pro Tools Problem?

    Hi folks,

    How do you open GPO in Pro Tools, is it as a VST plugin or RTAS?

    I guess the ARIA player is being currently tested on Pro Tools too(?)

    I'm looking at leaving Sonar (and it's bugs...) behind and migrate towards Pro Tools 8 LE. I saw the PT8 introduction videos on their website and the MIDI tools are pretty cool.

    Any comments or advice before I jump?


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