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Topic: Omnisphere Review

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    Omnisphere Review


    I have recently published a review of Omnisphere for those interested:


    Comments most welcome!


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    Re: Omnisphere Review

    Good, in depth review! Too bad I bought it directly when it came out ... but if I was a newcomer to the Omni I´d certainly appreciate your article.

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    Re: Omnisphere Review

    Thanks for the in depth review...I really enjoyed going through it! :-)


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    Re: Omnisphere Review

    Very nice write up, thanks!

    I just bought Omnisphere and got it installed a couple of days ago, so this was a nice primer on the instrument!

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    Re: Omnisphere Review

    Superb review - very thorough. Even thought I've had it for a few months I learned several things in that review.

    Unless I somehow missed it; how come there's virtually no mention of the included presets? There's 4000 after all.
    I found that rather strange for an 11 page review.
    I mean such as "there's a large amount of ever evolving textures", "the psycho acoustic sounds were very well designed and they have used every method in the book to come up with new sounds", "for a synth there's still a lot of traditional instruments, I found in particular the ethnic instruments to be very realistic" and "there's leads in abundance, some phat, some unusual, but all very unique" etc. etc.
    It's not that important but I just found the omission of this very strange.

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