Yesterday I was buying a few samples off the Sonic Implants site and everything was working great except for this one, The Complete Acoustic (guitar) I. I had to get the sf2 version as the .gig version only comes on cd with a full guitar/bass set. I was told on the phone with SI that audibly there wasn\'t really much of a difference so I went ahead and got it. (I\'m not looking for the end all of guitars here, just something fun to play around with)

Well, for some reason Chicken Translator kept encountering errors while trying to convert. I used the built-in giga editor and tried saving it as a .gig that way, which seemed to work, but when I try to load the sample, I get a msg32 error or a kernel error, and everything freezes up.

Just wondering if anyone here might know if this is a common problem? I\'ve never seen it before (even when I converted hundreds of old sf2\'s to .gig\'s when I first got Giga). So... help?

Thanks in Advance,