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Topic: Kore 2?

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    Kore 2?

    I recently got a new DAW need to get GPO installed. The last time I installed GPO was maybe 3 or 4 years ago so i am fuzzy on what the process was. Is the latest/greatest still the Kontakt 2 player linked to in the Wiki? Or should Kore Player be used as it seems to have replaced the Kontakt Player in the NI product line?

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    Re: Kore 2?

    EDIT: 7/2/09 -I'll leave my original answer, but in a follow up I amended this, because I realized after writing this original reply, that I don't know for sure if GPO is compatible with Kore.

    Hi, Bubbagump - GPO doesn't work with Kore, it's still KP2. You'll need to go to the NI site to wade through their sometimes awkward registration process - it Does work, some people just get confused by it. Take your time, look around, come back if you need help.

    um--don't look now, but there's an update to GPO coming very soon, and it will play in an updated Aria--Garritan's engine which will replace KP2.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Kore 2?

    Bubbagump -

    I think I was wrong about Kore. Your question got me to thinking. Though I haven't heard yet of people playing GPO on Kore, I realized that with NI promoting Kore so heavily now, that it could be possible that Kontakt instruments can be migrated into it. I've looked around their site and user Forums and couldn't get a definitive answer. But I suggest you do a thorough search there at their site if you really need to know about Kore compatibility.

    BUT it remains true that people are still installing GPO and getting it going with KP2, --that hasn't changed. And also it doesn't look to me as if Kore has "replaced" Kontakt.


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    Re: Kore 2?

    GPO does NOT work with the free Kore Player. To make it work with Kore 2/SE you'll need Kontakt 3 or you won't be able to load the instruments.
    Rumour has it however, that KP2 libraries can be loaded in the upcoming 32/64 bit Kontakt 3.5 Player, which could(? - my guess!) become a free download for KP1/2, Intakt, Kompakt library owners. There hasn't yet been any official information about it from NI, though.

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