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Topic: Omnisphere latency problem

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    Omnisphere latency problem

    I have just up graded to Omnisphere, using same midi gear as my atmosphere Vis: Edirol-UM2 midi interface and M-audio firewire 410 recording interface. I have had to upgrade my dedicated lap top to more than cope with Omnisphere requirements with 4G Ram and 350 G hard drive and a fast duo core processor. The op system is Vista (which I don't like). I have upgraded the drivers to Vista for these components. I am using V-Stack as the platform for Omnishere. Control keyboards are Roland EM-2000 and Korg Triton extreme with external midi switches to switch in or out Omnisphere sounds as I need them in live performance. This setup worked perfectly with Atmosphere.
    The big problem is there is a 1 second latency problem. Hit a note on any one of the two contoller keyboards and the Omnisphere voice comes in 1 second later. Of course it is impossible to play under the circumstances.
    Can someone enlighten me on how to solve this one?

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    Re: Omnisphere latency problem

    Very unusual problem. Contact tech support and they can help you troubleshoot your system:


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