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Topic: Need GOS Tips

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    Need GOS Tips


    I have the Garritan Orchestral Strings and I would like to have some tips with it. How can we have more attack on legato or long bow strings, can we have a longer long bow ? can we have more scale one marcato violins ? Can we x-fade alternate marcato, sautille, long bow and(or) legato violins (very useful to change faster than change patch manually)? I can have a big sound but I would like more possibilities on this fabulous ... wonderful ... string sampler. Maybe will we have some upgrade ? Anyone knows about this ?

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    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: Need GOS Tips

    I just recieved my upgrade CD for the 1st and 2nd violin short bowings with extended range today. Garys the man!
    I would like to see maybe an extra addition to the SusViolins with a tad bit slower attack for slower passages. You can actually do this yourself within the giga editor, but I haven\'t gotten around to doing it yet.
    I love the grand detaches more for slow passages and I\'m hoping Jeff finds a way where we can sustain the grand detaches longer through Maestro Tools by loading up the same grand detache in 2 channels and having them crossfade in and out somehow. He said he was gonna try and do this.

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    Re: Need GOS Tips

    you might want to check out the Garritan Orchestral Strings forum section. There is a post started there with a bunch of tips.

    As for \"more attck\" do you mean a slower attack or a \"harder\" attack

    For Loner attacks if you use the EXP instruments to can start at pp and fade up to ff giving you a longer attack.

    for \"harder\" attacks you can layer the short bows on top of the long bows accross GigaStudio ports. This is great for adding \"character\" to the attacks.

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    Re: Need GOS Tips

    I always use at least 2 separate tracks for each section with one track for long bows and the other for short bows. Many times I use additional tracks for pizzicato and other effects. I use the layering of the short bows on top of the long bows and its easy to change the level between the two when they\'re on separate tracks.

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    Re: Need GOS Tips

    Damon, what do we need to do to get the upgrade CD? I haven\'t sent in my registration card yet--is that what I need to do?

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    Re: Need GOS Tips

    I would email Gary Jamieh or call him.

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