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Topic: Impact: Steel - Cinematic Metallic Percussion

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    Impact: Steel - Cinematic Metallic Percussion

    Impact: Steel is a collection of deeply sampled 'found' percussion - metal objects being struck, plucked and scraped in a variety of ways. Our goal was to create a unique, detailed, expressive and playable library with the same amount of multisampled detail one would expect from any high end percussion bank.

    To celebrate the new status of our company Impact Soundworks as developers on NS, we've decided to lower the price of Impact: Steel permanently from the original $79 to $59!


    * Five unique metal 'instruments' sampled: large steel frame, small and large cylinders, metal spring and iron cone
    * A total of 73 articulations of extensively multisampled metal hits, scrapes, rolls, and designed textures
    * Scripted and FX patches such as "Giant Hits" and "Clang Ensemble", ripe for cinematic usage
    * Intuitive mapping options - load the whole library on to a single MIDI channel, no keyswitching!
    * 24 bit / 44.1khz recordings in an insulated room with just enough air and ambiance to facilitate mixing in either small or large ensemble settings
    * Unlocked WAVs for your editing pleasure
    * Kontakt 1, 2, Halion and Gigastudio formats - all WAV samples


    You can purchase Impact: Steel as a digital download for only $59 at our website:



    Demo 1 - Brief introduction to the sounds of this library. Please note that this library contains no “loops” or prerecorded passages. Some additional “small room” reverb was added.

    Clang Ensemble - This clip demonstrates the “Clang Ensemble” patches, which simulate a group of players and allow for adjustable positioning and humanization of each player.

    FX Demo - This clip shows some of the special FX patches, including drones, ambient hits, and textures.

    Cinematic Action Cue - A cinematic action cue, showing several patches including the Clang Ensemble and some FX textures and hits.

    Additional demos are available at the Impact: Steel page of our website!

    More Libraries:

    Also available from Impact Soundworks...

    Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India - The definitive collection of North Indian instruments, featuring the most deeply sampled sitar, tampura, tabla and baya anywhere! Features close AND room mics, FX patches, MIDI grooves, scripting, ambient sounds and more. Kontakt and Halion formats.

    Electronic Musician's take: "Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India ($119) is easily the best collection of sampled sitars I’ve ever played. Given some of the sampled sitars we’ve all heard, that may sound like faint praise, but this set from Impact Soundworks pole-vaults over the others with a playability, a musicality, and a complexity that place it alongside the best sampled instruments of any stripe"

    Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds - Three custom, acoustic drumkits dating back to the 70s and earlier, recorded using strictly vintage gear, old mics, classic recording techniques and tape machines. The result is the most authentic and playable 50s-70s acoustic drum library anywhere! Available in Kontakt, Reason, Halion and EXS formats for $99.

    Video Demo: Groove Bias Live Performance (Keyboard Drums)


    Feel free to post questions, comments or requests here, and to all Americans, happy fourth of July!
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Impact: Steel - Cinematic Metallic Percussion

    Wow! Now that is a real bargain. It was cheap at $79, and still one of my favourite percussion libraries.

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