Kate and I were totally blown away last night. After a great BBQ, on the huge flat monitor a friend of ours has, we watched the new production of "Madama Butterfly" from this year's season at The Metropolitan Opera.

Puccini's score is simply the tops, the 4 leads (PATRICIA RACETTE in the huge and demanding central role) are wonderful singers and actors, the entire company is stellar, and the production design is nothing short of breathtaking. We were gasping over the powerful beauty that illuminated the staging for the entire length of the opera. Totally brilliant design work and stage direction by the masterful GARY HALVORSON.

This is music at its best, and theatre at its best. I can't imagine ever seeing anything that could ever surpass this as a major artistic achievement.


If you see only one opera this year - see this. If you rarely see operas - see this. If you think you don't like opera - see this. I don't see how any composer alive couldn't be thrilled by this perfect display of what power music can have in a live performance.

Anyone with cable or satellite TV service should be able to find a broadcast of "Butterfly." This is part of PBS's "Great Performances" series--Look it up! No extra charge - The sort of thing that makes your cable bill worth paying for.

Randy - Inspired in Oregon