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Topic: J2 Expansion Pack 1 will be released monday!

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    J2 Expansion Pack 1 will be released monday!


    The Scarbee J2 Expansion Pack 1(J-Slap)will be released monday! Free to all registered users.

    Soon after I will release J1 Expansion 1 and J3 Expansion Pack.

    You will get 424 new samples pr.sound (1272 for all 3)

    1) 4 Sustained samples ala Stanley Clarke (Very hard fingered behind the fretboard) 2 index finger + 2 middle finger.
    2) 1 legato-tail for each note
    3) 2 Staccato-releases (loose and tight)
    4) Fretnoises
    5) Grace notes fast up
    6) Trill 1 (The fretbuzz type)
    7) 2 mutes

    There will be 4 programs to fit the Studio bass (Patch-numbers 11,21,31,41) + 4 x String Bass and a Composer bass version too...

    More exciting news: I will imediately make an J1/2/3 Expansion Pack 2 (J-Fingered) to be ready for the release of Scarbee J-Fingered. It will contain a bunch of new samples and is a bonus to registered users - this is my way to react against piracy...

    Extra samples:
    1) Slides up/down - starting from a note that has been hold for a while - VERY useful.
    2) Grace note tails: 3 notes up/down, 4 notes up/down, 5 notes up/down

    Both of these Expansion Packs can be updated further in the future.



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    Re: J2 Expansion Pack 1 will be released monday!

    If the J-Fingered expansion pack gets released before the frickin actual J-Fingered library gets released, I\'d say fire your commerce people.

    Fingered, slapped, hell just like I like my wom.. oops...I won\'t go there.. JUST JOKING!

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