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Topic: Village Sunday

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    Village Sunday

    This is alittle hommage to the people of Greenwich village back in the 60s.
    Everything is coming from VSTis except the Tenor sax which was a kind contribution of my online buddy Torsten Kamps.
    Please enjoy.



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    Re: Village Sunday

    A very nice and relaxing song and interesting visuals. I thought the sound itself was good and had a really laid-back feeling. I'm not a regular listener of this style, so can't add much 'relevant' commentary.
    The effect you applied to the video adds a sort of 3-d depth which is quite cool. Especially noticeable in the beginning when the guy is wiping the machine in the Dante Allighieri coffee shop, ie the sense of depth between the man and the lettering on the window.
    Nice job!
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    Re: Village Sunday

    Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and give a comment.
    Happy to hear that you enjoyed it.
    I am using the carved leather look like a filter on a sample.
    Since i am getting most of the raw videomaterial from www.archive.org i have to deal with rather poor resolutions so anything that blurs those pixels gets a chance.
    The flat 3D look is a nice surreal sideeffect.


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    Re: Village Sunday

    Nice song and i loved it very much

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