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Topic: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

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    News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!!

    A new demosong from Scarbee J-Fingered has been uploaded today!

    The J-Fingered 1 demo - bridge-pick-up solo -Stone-Age-Fusion and bass solo with reverb.

    As usual you can also listen to the bass track solo too.

    The next demoes will be combi-demoes using both J-Fingered and J-Slap + the Expansion Packs.


    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    Thanks for more demos. It\'s nice to see at least one person is getting good use from your libraries.

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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    Muhahahhhahahaha )

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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    I started to play bass when I was 17 - a bit late... Just after highschool I got a slave-job at the national TV where my dad worked. He was very proud of me and told everybody that I was a great bassist - and that I could read scores and everything! (I was not - I had only played for 1-2 years)

    One day a girl came to me, who played trombone in the Big Band for the emploeyees of the TV Station. (Many of these used to be pro\'s...) The bass player was sick and they needed a stand-in for him as they had to rehearse for a gig. She had heard rumours about me and my father had convinced her that I was the man! Confused and flattered I said yes.(At that time it would take me most of a day just to look at a jazz score for bass...)

    I came to the rehearsal and pluged in my bass in the amplifier and was handed a thick book with songs. On the book it said \"Mads Winding\" (he is a world class bassist in jazz) I then heard \"We take number 256! then a few seconds later: \"1,2 - 1,2,3,4....

    Well, well well... fortunately I had not turned the volume much up and I just played \"black\"! After the song the leader said: \"Cool swing, but we couldn\'t hear the notes! Can you turn up a bit?. After a short break my nightmare was over.

    Now this demo was originally (1984) someting I played solo over - I have cut out 3-4 chords as they were too weird - even in this song.

    Playing solo over this wasn\'t fun either - I remember..But that was the eighties right?



    PS: I was fun making this demo - my wife HATE it so much...

    [This message has been edited by SCARBEE (edited 10-30-2001).]

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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!


    It has gone to manufacturing so it will be out soon. (have I said this before? )



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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    Hi Simon,

    Is it the demo or Munsie\'s comment (Which IS very funny...) that makes you laugh. Could be both though.


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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    I have uploaded a new version - with more detailed drums...



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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    Nono your demo is great as usual. It was Munsie...

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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    Whew... Simon,

    Good. It\'s no fun making a bad demo - even if this is 1980-retro-stuff.

    I\'ll sleep better now...

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    Re: News! J-Fingered 1 - demo song uploaded!

    Scarbee, you\'ve taken this sampling stuff to such an unbelievably high level - upon listening to this demo my jaw hit the floor and my socks blew off somewhere into the next county! I don\'t even think it would\'ve occurred to me that this was sampled bass if I didn\'t know already. I certainly would\'ve thought it was an amazingly hot player, though.

    Man, YOU ROCK!

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