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Topic: Re: a mac

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    Re: a mac

    Well, basically I was just curious as to current thoughts on what I should be looking for. Logic is my software of choice, and I have owned a macbook pro for the last year now. While it has served me well, I am going to sell it because I have realized that I dont have any need for portability, and a 15inch screen isnt doing me any good.

    I have encountered limitations with my current system occasionally when working on particularly intense projects. In your experiences, I am wondering what the limiting factor tends to be when working with large sample libraries (kontakt 3 is my plugin btw) and plenty of tracks? I am under the impression that the 4GB memory limitation on my current laptop is currently a rather large factor... go figure that less than a month ago they released a new line of MBPs with an 8GB capacity.

    Anyway, thoughts on an iMac? I suppose I am really just wondering what it is that makes a mac pro worthwhile, with it's ridiculous spec capabilities. What would a project have to look like in order to truly requires that sort of power?

    Also, uh... since the off topic forum seems to be out of commission, I wanted to ask if there were other forums like this that cover the same topic which people frequented and would like to recommend.


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    Re: a mac


    Well, most regulars tend to put stuff in the sample library forum; the main one.
    This hardly get's used since 'Ern' left the building........

    As far as your systems goes-

    I gave up on Macs a long time ago because I love building PCs.
    I get far more for my money in DIY.
    I currently have 4 top of the line machines that run off Vista 64 and each machine has 12 Gigs of Ram. One has 24 now.

    I use all sample libraries (like EWQLSO and VSL) in Midi and get 200+ tracks in real time in Cubase 5.

    That's what one can do with loads of power.
    2 X Intel i7 920 sys. 12 gigs Ram. XP & Win 7 64
    Cubase 5. Kontakt 4. EWQL C.C.C. (Play)
    Vienna Instruments SE & Plus. Symphobia. GPO.
    RME HDSPe AIO KRK V8s Avalon Vt-747sp
    M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

    My two passions. Music and Cooking.
    Both require just the right ingredients....

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