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Topic: Can't hear GPO instruments in Garageband on playback

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    Can't hear GPO instruments in Garageband on playback

    I've read posts about garageband/GPO problems but couldn't find a solution to my problem. I'm on a Macbook Pro and have been using GPO Kontakt 2 with Finale, no problem. Trying to use it with Garageband 4.1.2 and have successfully put in some instruments via the instrument generator, but although I can hear them play in the Kontakt keyboard and with my midi keyboard in Garageband, there's no sound on playback. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

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    Re: Can't hear GPO instruments in Garageband on playback

    Annad - The main Garritan site has tutorials, including one for using GPO with GarageBand2. Unfortunately that's the most recent tute - I have no idea how much help it could be for GPO in GarageBand4, but in case it's useful:

    --Go to http://www.personalorchestra.com/ and in the top menu, choose Support, then Tutorials. Scroll down and you'll see two tutes about GarageBand.

    You probably know that GPO is mostly used in sequencers like Sonar and notation programs like Finale. I've never read very much about GPO in GB--so I have no idea how that program works.

    Best of luck.
    Randy B.

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    Re: Can't hear GPO instruments in Garageband on playback

    GPO loads in GB4 as an AU plugin.

    Annad, a few things you can troubleshoot:

    1. check your channel assignments on MIDI tracks. Make sure the output port is to the loaded Kontakt 2 player and that the channel points to a loaded instrument
    2. try putting some mod wheel messages at the very beginning of the track (CC#1). If this gets it to work then GPO is defaulting to zero volume, whic you can fix with MW data.
    3. trace the midi output signal-- is MIDI from GB getting to KP2? If so, during playback you'll see a tiny light flash on the loaded instrument's MIDI port graphic (next to the name, looks like a circle) in KP2 when a burst of data is sent. If it gets in, do the audio meters light up?
    4. trace the audio output signal -- if KP2's meters are green and jumping, where to they go? Does the output of the synth track flow to your speakers? perhaps it's set to an SPDIF instead?

    Hope some of these help,

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