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Topic: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

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    Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    Hi Chaps, (Eric?)

    I'm about to move onto the live circuit again for the first time in....ooh, about 15 years! We're trying to keep the numbers down for our cash stricken employers and are looking to trigger audio drum grooves to support a jazz trio (Bass, Piano, Trumpet). Essentially, we are attracted by the potential freedom of working with triggered loops, rather than having pre-recorded, fixed arrangements - so we can extend solos or bring other musicians in when the budget allows.

    We've looked at various ways of achieving this with equipment/software we already have available and Stylus comes really close. It would allow us:
    - limitless live drum grooves, fills and endings triggerable exactly on the next bar.
    - to create our own suites and map them onto a controller.

    But what we can't seem to do, is 'latch' the loops or simply switch each loop/key on or off, without holding everything down - therefore needing an extra pair of hands, which may as well be holding a pair of drumsticks!

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this? When you audition loops in a suite with the mouse, this is exactly what happens (and the monophonic nature of it could be really useful) but why can't I achieve this functionality via MIDI?

    It seems Stylus may be missing a trick here and needs a LIVE mode, rather like the beats mode on my Custom Proteus, where you can add or subtract loops from a groove with a single key press. The other issue is Tempo. Currently we would have to enter a new host tempo for every song. Perhaps a 'freewheel' mode is in order and a means of assigning STYLUS' tempo to a controller. I'm sure there would be other useful features I haven't quite discovered the need for yet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Any other (inexpensive) software that can achieve this? Any chance of an update Eric? You're not busy are you?

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    Interesting question I am in for the answer too
    Core i7 920, Win 7 RC 64, Cubase 5 64, Omnisphere, Trilogy, RMX, EWQLSO Plat EW Choirs, GPO, Stradivari, Gofrilla, Absynth 4, Halion 3, Kontakt3, BFD2, VSL Strings, JBridge running all 32 bit apps well.

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    That type of triggering is a popular request and it's on the (very long) wishlist for the future of RMX.

    The tempo controller stuff is host-related....RMX already tracks changes in host tempo on the fly.

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    What you need is an intermediate program which will not send midi off to RMX when you release the key, but will send it when you press it a second time. Can it be that hard to customise a simple little program to do this?

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    Sounds to me like you may be describing NI's Maschine. I could be wrong of course; I'm not really into this kind of music.

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    In fact, I think you can do this with Logic. In the environment put a touch track object between the input and the track. You can then trigger track objects (like samplers) in the mode called single, which will leave the latch on until you press the key again.

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    ableton live. it can do what you want, plus 1001 other things. its not cheap ($500 iirc), but can act as an entire daw, vst host, live loop triggering and sequencing device, etc etc. all in one. run the demo and check out "session view"...sort of a spreadsheet view where you can lay out your loops and trigger them to create improvised sequences. set it up properly and you can hide the computer and have nothing but a midi controller in front of you.

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    Thanks for all the responses (sorry, had a busy weekend).

    Eric, great to know it's on the list, I think it would be a very worthwhile addition to Stylus.

    The Logic 'touch-tracks' idea I'll have to look into - It's one of those functions I've never had to use before and I certainly over-looked that possibility. I guess, there must be some way of assigning the tempo to a MIDI-controller in Logic too? - again, not something I've ever had the need for before.

    One of the other players is currently looking into Abelton (he has the demo on PC) - again, something I knew of but have never had the time or opportunity to try. That's certainly another possibility but probably last on the list after trying all the 'free' options.

    In the end I think it's quite likely we'll end up using a combination of things, depending on the songs we want to play:
    - Ableton-style loop triggering
    - Tracks running off an iPod/iTunes
    - No tracks at all, just the live trio

    Keep the ideas coming though, if you have any more.



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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum View Post

    The tempo controller stuff is host-related....RMX already tracks changes in host tempo on the fly.
    I'm just going to add a bit to that sentence which would be ...

    ...so maybe you can use midi learn in your host to assign your hosts tempo to a fader or knob on your controller and then stylus will follow that.

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    Re: Triggering Loops Live via MIDI - STYLUS RMX ? Others?

    So, i was having the same trouble triggering rmx live, so i found a way and actually it only cost me $50.00 , heres what I did, i bought a Korg nano pad, downloaded the Korg editor and assigned each pad a midi note number chromatically starting at C1 the nano pad has 12 pads but it also has 4 scenes so in scene 1 C1 to B1 Scene 2 C2 to B2 scene 3 C3 to B3 and you guessed it scene 4 C4 to B4 the editor gives you the ability on to switch betwn momentary to toggle on each midi note on each scene this is time consuming but worth the labor ( if you wanna learn more about your gear) if not i'll be happy to email email the template to anybody that wants it.

    I am using Logic 8 and using Mainstage I loaded a channel strip with Stylus Rmx and made a concert with the layout with 48 Pads in groups of 12 for each scene, make sure that the virtual pads are set to the nano device and the correct midi note (per pad) pick a rmx suite from your library, if the suite has more than 24 elements they will trigger in scene 1 from the first pad the one with the note assignment C1 if the suite has 24 or less elements
    you will have to switch to scene 3 on the nano pad cause 24 for elements or less trigger from c3 save your concert in mainstage, and there you have it you can layer the elements or trigger one by one they will be on as long as you dont press the pad again press one and the note is on press again and it goes off (hence is called a toggle) I hope this helps, for all I know there was an easier way but none that I could find, if there is an easier way please share,

    happy triggering!!!


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