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Topic: Looking for Composer to help with score

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    Looking for Composer to help with score

    Im looking for a composer to help me with a score for an animated feature I am working on. I need someone with great orchestral abilities. Someone with great libraries and can assist me with orchestration. I need this person to work in Logic Pro 8. I want to be able to send this person sessions and for them to help fill out parts and replace samples etc. Help me with orchestration etc. And to write a few cues. Please send a demo/s and resume.
    Payment will be on a per cue or per minute basis. Please send me your rate in your message.
    Please PM me. thanks.


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    Re: Looking for Composer to help with score

    Hey Mitch,

    I have quite a bit of experience orchestrating and composing and I might be interested in working with you. I use Logic Pro 8 extensively, I went to Berklee College of Music where I studied Film Scoring, and I currently write music for several TV shows on A&E, Spike TV, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Fox Sports, and ABC.

    It's impossible for me to give you a price quote until I know more details about the magnitude and quantity of work you need done. However, if you are still in need of someone, please contact me and I'd love to speak with you further. Thanks.

    -Sean Hathaway
    (my email is my full name as one word @me.com)

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    Re: Looking for Composer to help with score

    I could only write the "new" cues because I don't work in Logic. Yet I hope there's some "logic" in my music
    View my profile at NorthernSounds.net
    and visit my homesite: www.henrykiwan.com

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