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Topic: Lexicon I-Onix USB - Any Verdicts Yet?

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    Lexicon I-Onix USB - Any Verdicts Yet?

    Has anyone bought or tried out any of the new Lexicon I-Onix USB audio interfaces yet? Model U22 / U42s /U82s
    It looks like a great concept but their previous interfaces didn't get good marks so although I was tempted to dive in a get one of these new ones straight away, I thought I better wait to hear the verdict on them first.

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    Re: Lexicon I-Onix USB - Any Verdicts Yet?

    Sorry no one has commented yet.

    I have not used these, I never use USB interfaces, much prefer PCI or PCI ex. I've tested some 9 in the past year and all gave me sub results.

    I emailed Lexicon to get some info I was curious about but as usual from them I got no reply.

    Frankly I would look elsewhere............
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