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Topic: new piece features GOS

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    new piece features GOS

    Hi All,

    I uploaded GraceGOS to my MP3.com site that uses GOS. It\'s taken over a week for MP3 to get this piece live, but it\'s up now. I\'ve since improved the performance slightly, but for those not sure this should give an idea of what GOS sounds like. The site is here;

    I hope you enjoy GraceGOS. I\'ve left the original version (Grace) on the site (AO Strings, soft-sustained) for comparison.

    Steve Chandler

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    Senior Member mahlon's Avatar
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    Re: new piece features GOS

    I actually like the AO strings better. I know the GOS is supposed to be great, from what everyone is saying, but your version of Grace with the Soft Sustain AO strings, to me, sounds much more realistic and warmner, less synthetic....unless the files are mixed up and one is really the other.

    Very nice piece, though, with either sample library.


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    Re: new piece features GOS

    Hmm... I was suprised here. Thanks for such a comparison. I second that, Mahlon. AO sounds better in this piece.


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    Re: new piece features GOS

    Ouch! You guys just wasted my weekend!

    Well I haven\'t actually sat and A/B\'d the two so maybe I should do that. I found the soft sustained strings about the only thing useful in AO Strings and obviously I should keep it handy. Any other opinions?


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    Re: new piece features GOS

    While I don\'t agree that the AO one sounds better than the GOS one, I think they both make the strings sound way too organ and \'stack\' like.

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    Re: new piece features GOS

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by pantonality:

    Thanks for your candor. I\'d be the first admit the writing is a bit simplistic.

    Don\'t be so hard on yourself. That\'s not true. I listened to \"Tender Heart\" and thought it was beautiful. What I would say (and it\'s not at all to do with the writing) is that in both pieces when the melody (and the harmony, really) moves around at a slightly quicker pace, it kind of thumps around with what sounds like too little variation: that\'s all. It just sounds as if you have to mix it up a little (attack-wise) when slightly faster scales appear.

    Most importantly: Don\'t question your writing as simplistic, for goodness sake. Simple; yes. Beautiful, yes.

    And, yes, I preferred the AO also (except in a few parts later in the piece).

    keep posting.

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    Re: new piece features GOS

    Panton, actually I don\'t believe there is anything wrong with the actual composition. More the orchestration and voicings. It sounds too much like the strings were played in with chords, instead of separate lines. Also I think there\'s not enough expression in the various instruments. Both woodwinds and strings. More change of volume, or in the case with GOS, using the EXP instruments, would do wonders.

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    Senior Member LHong's Avatar
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    Re: new piece features GOS

    How do we get the GraceOS MP3 file source?

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    Re: new piece features GOS

    I\'ve always found the AO soft sustains to be a really great full strings patch. They seem to have just the right attack and release to make them user friendly for quick string sketching.
    The rest of the strings on AO are horrible though IMHO.
    I agree with Z6 Steve, nothing wrong with being simplistic. Most soundtrack music is, if that\'s what you\'re going for unless your John Williams.
    I personally get more involved with minimalism. Sometimes just a piano is enough to voice emotion.
    I recently bought Bernard Hermanns score to The Twilight Zone TV show and realized what an incredible learning tool the CD is. Some songs only feature 3 instruments, but they get the job done in presenting how one can evoke certain emotion (tension, beauty, resolve) with just the right voicings and minimalism.
    Your compositions are good and I\'m sure you put alot of hard work into making them. Keep it up and keep posting more music!

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 10-30-2001).]

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    Re: new piece features GOS

    Hey LHong,

    I changed the properties just for you, at least until I have enough of these to justify offering a CD. You should be able to download it shortly.


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