What is wrong i use Windows xp pro,emagic editor. and almost allways when try move data tr-rack to computer. i get tr-rack dont respond error. i changed cables still same result even tested with other mid iinterface this works when poorer dont work at all. midi interface what works better is emu 0404 pci soundcard and other one which one dont work all is Esi romi/o 2 usb-interface.(actually this interface works well with yamaha s30 at least). and oddly Sonar can "download" (at least dont show errors) sysex correctly (emagic editor supports sysex but dont open these files) but i cannot modify patches with sonar.
ps. where i can ask i asked local importer (not even responce),korg forums cakewalk forums and some forms form Finland. still no solution. and dont have seriel port and to host cable for tr-rack.