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Topic: MIDI route to GPO and Overture

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    MIDI route to GPO and Overture

    I cannot play the GPO instruments and I cannot get notes to play (or be entered as notation) in Overture. In other words, when I play my keyboard (a Roland) there is no connection with the computer therefore no sounds get produced.
    Please advise on how to get the keyboard to communicate with the GPO/Overture software. I also have Cubasis.

    Thank you from way northern Canada.

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    Re: MIDI route to GPO and Overture

    Hi, Jonathan - You mention you also have Cubasis, which is a very out-dated light version of Cubase. Are you having success using that program to play GPO and your keyboard?

    All musical applications, like Overture, have set up menus for selecting what MIDI and Audio devices you want to use. I don't use Overture, but there has to be such a tab there on the main screen.


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    Re: MIDI route to GPO and Overture

    Hi Jonathan,

    In Overture I believe you can find it under Options>MIDI Devices. You'll need to enable MIDI Thru for the keyboard in addition to activating it if you just want to noodle on the keys and hear it play that back in addition to stuff already on the staves.

    Then, in the tracks window you'll need to make sure that the staff is being sent to the proper channel within the GPO VST (if in Ove4). In Ove SE and Ove 3 you'll need a pair of virtual MIDI cables. Let us know if you need help setting that up and we can walk you through it.

    What model keyboard do you have, by the way?


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