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Topic: Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India

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    Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India

    Sitar Nation is the second sample library in the Impact Soundworks catalog. The project's goal was to sample several North Indian instruments with as much depth as traditional Western instruments while being as truthful as possible to their natural sounds. The result is an extremely deep collection of Indian samples which Electronic Musician hailed as "...easily the best collection of sampled sitars [we've] ever played."

    Continuing with our celebration of our NS developer status, we're lowering the price of Sitar Nation permanently from the original $119 to $99... and we're also dropping the price of our Impact: Steel / Sitar Nation bundle to $139!


    * 2.7gb of extensively sampled sitar, tampura, tabla and baya; many velocity layers, round robins and playing techniques / articulations
    * Recorded sitar phrases and glissandos for an authentic sound with a minimum of programming
    * Tabla and baya MIDI grooves for individual and dual drums
    * A thorough set of FX patches that create entirely new instruments from the original recordings, from dissonant drones and chimes to beautiful wind, keyboard and digital sounds
    * 24 bit / 44.1khz recordings featuring both close and room mics, plus ambient patches programmed in Kontakt
    * Kontakt 2 and Halion formats with all unlocked WAV content

    You can read the full product manual in PDF format by clicking here. This shows a list of each and every patch along with both textual and visual explanations of playing techniques.


    You can purchase Sitar Nation as a digital download for only $99 at our website:



    Traditional Demo - This is a short piece that shows the instruments being played in a more authentic context. The goal here was to provide an accurate, realistic performance.

    Ambient Demo - Sitar Nation has very realistic samples, but when you delve into the FX patches it can pull off some very deep, ambient sounds. This demo is an example of a film-style cue written entirely with this library.

    Psychesphere - A wide range of patches from our library (non-FX) used in the context of an electronic, ‘psychedelic’ composition written for a video game.

    Nun Kun Peaks - Another example of Sitar Nation being used within a groovy electronic composition. This track shows off how both the traditional and FX patches can be combined to form a totally new texture.

    Additional demos are available at the Sitar Nation page of our website!


    As always, feel free to post questions, comments or requests here!
    Zircon Studios - Original music for media, electronica, sound design, and synthesis.

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    Re: Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India

    The demos sound very promising.

    I would mainly use this collection together with modern beats and I have just very basic knowledge of the traditional Indian percussion-patterns. So I am interested in getting midi-files for studying the patterns. How many midi-patterns are there in the collection and what styles / patterns do they cover?

    I'm also interested in the NI Soundpack "North India". Can anyone give me some information about the differences (playability, authenticity) of the two collections?


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    Re: Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India

    The Native Instruments soundpack does offer some neat performance options, thanks to its integration with Kore. However, based on what I've read in their manual and on their website, I believe the depth of each instrument is still not quite as extensive as in Sitar Nation. Their entire product is 3gb, sampling ten acoustic instruments. We focused on four instruments, but ended up with a final size of 2.7gb. So, I believe when it comes to velocities, round robins, and mic positions, we have the upper hand. :-)

    So, if you want more breadth of North Indian sounds, and a few extra performance options (since as the automatic tampura drones, which are pretty easy to play) at the cost of some depth, the NI soundpack may be your preferred choice. If you want to go deeper, with more flexibility in micing, RRs and velos, check out Sitar Nation.

    Since both manuals are public, I encourage you to read them both and compare patches/content! You can also check out reviews of Sitar Nation here:


    http://issuu.com/wusik/docs/wsm_dec_2008 (pg 68-69)
    Zircon Studios - Original music for media, electronica, sound design, and synthesis.

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    Re: Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India

    Thanks for your reply. Great reviews - you sure have a winner with Sitar Nation.

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