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Topic: Conexant GM500 setup

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    Conexant GM500 setup

    Just wondering if anybody else here has set up the GM500 library for use with GS160 and Cakewalk Pro Audio. Am I supposed to manually load each individual instrument into one channel of a performance at which point I should be able to make program changes from Cakewalk to step through the library? Is there a way to set this up as a batch operation? Is there an easy way to export an instrument definition from the library to cakewalk? Am I wasting my time? Thanks in advance-

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    Re: Conexant GM500 setup

    Drag and drop the MIDI file directly into Gigastudio. It\'ll load the appropriate GM500 instruments and launch whatever sequencer you\'ve configured. (if you\'ve already got Cakewalk loaded, this will cause an error) If this doesn\'t work, re-run the GM500 setup.

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