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Topic: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

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    GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    Has anyone tried installing GVI/GS4 on Windows 7 (64bit)?

    I'm having problems to do with Syncrosoft and wondered if anyone knew of a way to fix this. I've tried intalling the latest Syncrosoft LCC but with no luck.

    Other software such as VI which uses Syncrosoft seems to work ok

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    I did install GS4 and GVI on the 64 bit Win 7 RC on a friends workstation. It installed well as well the syncrosoft stuff. I even could open both. And GVI inside Cubase 5.

    But as I didn't had a gsif compatible audiocard I couldn't test GS4 out further.

    As for the syncrosoft problem, thats strange. Did you try to put the dongle into another USB port? Or try a different syncrosoft driver.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    I tried there different ports and two dongles (I have a seperate one for GS4 and GVI). I tried a few versions of Syncrosoft LCC (one that came with GS4, one that I use on my other machine, and latest).

    I have tried original GS4/GVI and latest patched versions. No luck

    Do you remember which version of LCC you used?

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    Not sure but I think I installed GS4 first and the LCC which came with it. I think it was one of the older LCC.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    Given up for now and gone back to XP (luckily I have Windows 7 on a seperate partition). I might just hunt down my Vista64 DVD and install that instead.

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7


    Really weird. I reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch, and this time I installed GS4 from CD first (before any other applications that install Syncrosoft, so that GS4 installs the LCC that came with it) and GS4/GVI seem to work now!

    Hope this helps anyone else that's experienced the problem

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    Let's just hope they don't add anything after the RC to make Giga a failure.

    For some reason GS4 will not work if you install it on an XPSP3 machine. It works fine if you install it on SP2 and upgrade to SP3.

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    I think the problem is IE8, rather than SP3

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    One thing I just noticed - I have no Giga4 ports :|
    Anyone else used GS4 on Vista/Windows7 64 that could let me know if they have the Giga4 midi ports? I'm thinking this is my 32 bit sequencer not being able to see the 64 bit GS4 midi ports? But this seems kinda crazy to me

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    Re: GVI/GS4 on Windows 7

    What's your hardware setup? jc

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