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Topic: The Sound Of Jesus Name by Living Waters Jazz

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    The Sound Of Jesus' Name by Living Waters Jazz

    Here's my latest offering, The Sound Of Jesus' Name. The Sound Of Jesus Name was originally written by a fellow forum member I met here in these forums, L. Meinecke. In this tune I adjusted the original tune to be a bit more jazzy and asked my friend Dave Bentley to peform the vocal.

    Using multiple libraries, including JABB, my goal is to produce a realistic rendering of my arrangement. The style of this The Sound Of Jesus Name is Swing Ballad.

    You can listen to the song at:


    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

    Edit: Acting on Michael's and Hippie's posts, I revised the mix to include more reverb to the brass and did some other tricks as well. The first version was an older mix from back in January 2009. And following Randy's suggestion I revisted the title of song. Thanks all!

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    Re: The Sound Of Jesus Name by Living Waters Jazz

    Not a bad rendering Rich!
    The drum set sounds fantastic. The brass, I think, needs a bit more reverb.
    If possible I would put a very slight "humanizing" on at least the drums. I know your going for realistic so not all cymbal and snare hits should be exactly the same dynamic and perfectly synchronized.

    Overall it's impressive!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: The Sound Of Jesus Name by Living Waters Jazz

    What Michael said. The drums I could with but the brass needs just a touch more of the big R.

    With all that said you did a very nice job Rich.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: The Sound Of Jesus Name by Living Waters Jazz

    Thanks guys for listening! Let me go back and beef up that reverb like you say. I actually completed this tune back last January and so I didn't really give it a close listen to when I posted it today. I don't think I revamped this tune with me on the drum set, so it's a bit rigid in timing. The tunes that I have done did since, I've added my own "embellishment and not so good drum style playing" which has been really great to add a mistake prone naturalness to the drums. I should have a remix up later today as I was just getting out the crank to fire up my Model T music computer system.

    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

    Edit: Thanks again guys! A newer and more wetter version is now available through the original link (first post). Please listen again!

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    Re: The Sound Of Jesus Name by Living Waters Jazz

    Sounds great. Just listening casually I think you did a very good at getting a realistic sounding mix.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: The Sound Of Jesus Name by Living Waters Jazz

    Good morning, Rich - It's 7:00 AM here in Oregon, and I was determined to hear at least one thing in the good ol' LR before launching into my day. I gravitated to your post because it's so recent but slipping off the page too fast!

    My lady Kate and I just now had a great time hearing the song. We couldn't have asked for a better, more up-beat and pleasant way to start our day.

    Apparently this is a newer version than what the earlier responders were hearing. The reverb seems perfect on the brass, I didn't notice any "stiffness" in the drums - maybe too busy just enjoying.

    I find this a masterful use of JABB, very musical and natural, just wonderful! A Forum member who recently wrote to me about having trouble getting the sound he wants out of JABB should be inspired by your post.

    Suggestions - Perhaps you could edit your original post to plainly indicate it's a newer file up than when you first posted. Otherwise, the constructive criticism on this thread doesn't make sense.

    2nd - For future reference, there should be a possessive apostrophe in the title so it's "The Sound of Jesus' Name." That way you avoid distracting people who know the grammatical rule of an apostrophe following after a name which ends in "S."

    Fantastic work - thanks Rich!


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    Re: The Sound Of Jesus' Name by Living Waters Jazz

    Good morning Randy! Thanks for the listen and suggestions, I did as advised. I wasn't able to look at the drums and see if the ride cymbal was all at the same velocity level or not because I archived the midi tracks and therefore was just looking at the audio. But I did pull down the drum volumes slightly in the mix some and maybe that is disguising the lack of velocity changes if that's the issue.

    I do know that I share the same complaint that some of the JABB drum sounds come across as too soft and the one solution I use, which I'm sure many others do, is to push the velocity up about as loud as it can go. This particular song was completed and mastered before I started using my digital drum set so it's possible Mike heard right.

    Like I was saying in that one email I sent you is there is a bit of work overload when using JABB and it's pretty easy, even as an oversight, to miss something along the way and I probably did. I was too lazy (got a cold) to unarchive the midi and take a look.

    I think part of the problem in the original mix was the ride cymbals was coming out too loud and may have made the issue more noticeable. One thing I don't like to do is play around with mixes when I got a cold cause I'm concerned my ears are deceiving me too.

    Sorry for the ramble, just talkin' shop! Thanks for the cue on the apostrophe too!

    Living Waters Jazz

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