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Topic: handbell note range in GPO

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    handbell note range in GPO

    I am a newbie, and have had sib6 & GPO for about two weeks.

    I am trying to adapt some handbell music to level I player capabilities, but have discovered that the handbell note range in GPO does not go below Mid C.

    This does not cover the two octave bell set we use in church, or the three octave set where i substitute.

    Is there any alternative, either work-around or purchase, that can fix this. I admit to not having tried using note input from my M-audio Oxygen 61, just the mouse and computer keyboard as yet. While somewhat workable, writing for a piano gets the desired note range, but I would really like to have the handbell sounds as playback.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: handbell note range in GPO

    The handbells in 2009 Finale GPO Aria (and which I assume is the same with other GPOs) play at actual pitch, not written pitch. And in handbells written pitch is one octave below actual pitch, e.g. a middle C in written handbell music has a high C tone.

    There's three octaves of handbells in my GPO (expanded to five for Finale 2010 and, I assume, GPO 4), which is the normal 3-octave set of handbells -- low C through the C above high C (written). So assuming you don't have some wacky set of two-octave bells, the tones should be fine, but you may need to go into Sibelius and transpose your bells up an octave to hear them correctly, and then transpose the entire staff down an octave to make them look right. (Finale's handbell template does that automatically; Sibelius may have a template that does that as well.)


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