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Topic: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

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    KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    Just wanted to say how much I like the new KSounds C7. I'm just a home piano player that noodles around with all this stuff, and I don't have any of the very large high end sampled pianos, but FWIW, I think this instrument is *gorgeous*. Thankyou and well done!


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm glad you are so pleased with the piano!
    Keven Spargo, Sound Designer
    Quality sounds for Kontakt, Yamaha, Kurzweil, and Triton

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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    You're welcome.

    Here are some observations:

    1. Very even response across the keyboard and very smooth velocity response.

    2. Lovely mellow samples for soft playing, and the response is even across the keyboard even when the soft samples are played relatively loudly.

    3. *Excellent* timbre in the difficult middle registers. It sounds a bit like a CP80, which is a good thing. (if Yamaha tried to make their electric grands sound like their acoustics, I think they sort of succeeded!) I mention this because I often find objectionable "phasing" anomalies in the middle octaves, and I have seen others comment that the middle registers are often the most difficult too.

    4. Haven't heard any hiss at all, even when played with reduced dynamic range.


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    RE: the hint of CP80 (EQ in default state), I had overlooked the fact that the Signature has been edited to create a particular sound (ref. http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=67861 ), so I suppose it's possible that a real C7 won't exhibit this - I'm not familiar with how a real C7 sounds. Playing another sampled Yamaha (Gigapiano 1.0, a Concert Series), I have never felt that it sounded like a CP80, though, FWIW. I notice the slight CP80 character in some of the notes in the middle registers, when played forte. (again - no complaints at all - just an observation)


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    Two things that I think need doing/improving at the moment:

    1. Re-pedalling. (being able to catch the note with the pedal after having released the note)

    2. Improved sustain resonance. (it's nice, but after hearing what is possible with a script that works with Sampletekk's "White Grand", I think it could be better) If anyone is wondering - yes - the sustain resonance is invoked when pressing the pedal AFTER having played the notes (with the notes remaining held), which is good.

    I can't get over how well it plays though. There's going to be so much caressing of keys that it probably should come with a warning that only single people should play it.


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    Thanks for your additional comments, Greg! I'm glad you're enjoying Signature Piano!

    I personally do not hear similarities to a CP80. If this is a concern for anyone, I would encourage them to check out the demos and decide for themselves.

    Would a real C7 sound like this? The specific piano and the positions of the mics are huge factors in answering that question. For the mic position I used and the C7 that was sampled, the tone is definitely what you would hear - especially if you set the gain of each EQ in Signature Piano to 0db. Compared to the original, the sampled version's stereo image is more balanced, and the samples have a more generous sustain.
    Keven Spargo, Sound Designer
    Quality sounds for Kontakt, Yamaha, Kurzweil, and Triton

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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    RE: the CP80 - note that I am most definitely NOT referring to the funky attack that the CP80 has. All I mean is that the tone of the Signature sounds sort of pure, thin, and metallic, for part of the middle registers, and when played forte, and it reminds me a bit of the CP80. It sounds *good*.

    Just another bit of feedback - it still sounds great when I play it through my lousy bookshelf speakers, with a single unmatched subby, in a room with terrible acoustics.


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    A couple of nice clips of Yamahas have just been posted over on the Pianoteq forum:

    Sarah McLachlan playing "River":

    and "Angel"

    Signature easily produces that shimmering bright sound in #1 (a sound I like a lot), and I think it can also easily produce a similar sound to #2.


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    Just sat down and had a quick attempt at reproducing the warm sound in #2. Really, all I had to do is to play MF, and boost the bass a bit (default is -4dB - I bumped it up to 0dB), and it's already damn close IMHO. That sound (in the clip) is very good indeed, and I don't know whether Signature can reproduce it exactly, but it's close enough for me.

    I think Signature sounds more like #1 overall - it's a purer sound. #2 has a richness which I'm not sure Signature has. So if I had to make a bet, I'd bet that the piano in #1 is closer to a C7 than the one in #2. I realise that there are a lot of factors though - unison tuning, micing, effects etc.


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    Re: KSounds Yamaha C7 first impressions

    Decided to take the plunge myself after being less than completely satisfied with the SampleTekk pianos I have. I considered the Garritan, VGP, Ivory or Pianoteq, but decided to go with KSounds due to price, not having another VI player and the great sounding demos.

    Couldn't be more pleased. The instrument is very responsive, actually in tune, and very harmonically rich sounding. It is a little bright and busy sounding when played hard (as are most Yamaha grands I have played), but sounds far better than anything else I have. The bonus is that it isn't very large by modern sample standards (2.6GB).

    I did run into a little trouble after downloading - the first rar file is a Windows self-extracting archive, and while OS X did try to unpack and assemble the archive when I double clicked it, it failed with a "corrupted archive" message. I opened one the of other parts with MacPAR Deluxe and it successfully reassembled the directory with the samples, nki instrument file and manual. I then drug the directory into my /Library/Audio/Sounds directory and away we went with K3.5.

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