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Topic: Prog for splitting up wav-files

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    Prog for splitting up wav-files

    Hi there.

    Just back from the studio with aprox 10Gb of brass samples (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba and French Horn)

    Just wondered if anyone know of a good prog that could help me with cutting the samples from the big wav-file automaticly?

    Worra www.biggagiggas.com

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    Re: Prog for splitting up wav-files

    Hi Worra:

    Try \"Wave Knife\". A pretty simple but useful tool that automatically cuts up .wav files. Great fro cutting up tracks from audio sample CDs for example.

    If this link does not work, go through www.hitsquad.com and search under audio editors.


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    Re: Prog for splitting up wav-files


    I\'ve always used the Auto Trim Crop in Sound Forge. I find it very useful and pretty reliable. Also Pro Tools handles this very well also with \"Remove Silence\"


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    Re: Prog for splitting up wav-files

    Hi Worra,
    (from an earlier post on a related thread.)
    I agree there is a need for such a tool that will do precision sample separation/extraction without damaging the delicate attack transients, or without causing jitter from one sample to the next.

    I have tried most of the well known commercial tools and found them lacking in regards to pre-attack jitter and transient preservation.

    For the interim, we have created an in-house tool which will do sample accurate, multichannel sample separation on 16/24/32 bit mono/stereo files. It has different types of threshold settings to let you dial-in the amount of transient pre-attack, and apply the settings from a master mono or stereo channel to any number of slave channels for phase accurate separation on all channels.

    It\'s an \'in-house\' Beta tool and it works well, but not currently planned to be productized for commercial release.
    It\'s just an internal tool right now. In addition to the above description, it can also optionally \'De-pop\' the attack and release and/or optionally add the unity note info for automatic chromatic keymapping.

    If you have done multiple mic placements, with this tool you can seperate all channels with sample accurate phase.

    If this is for a GIGA project, please send me an email (John Thomas has my email if you don\'t)if you are interested in trying it under a no charge Beta \'AS-IS\' license.

    If enough people find good use for this in Beta and it indeed fills a unique need for sample developers, then I can present a good case for giving it out under an \'AS-IS\' license. First we need to get a few Betas to acknowledge that, and so far only two developers are using it with no reports coming back just yet.

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    Re: Prog for splitting up wav-files

    How about WaveSurgen?

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    Re: Prog for splitting up wav-files

    In order to process huge of wave data-base, You need some kind of batch audio-processing program like Awave-studio or similar http://www.fmjsoft.com/
    It\'s also allowed to work off-line (batch) with other \"DirectShow Audio effect filter\" or other \"Fx-plugin\" from third-party as well.

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