I asked this question in the "Virtual Instruments" forum but only got one response that didn't fix it, so I thought maybe since it's basically a Cakewalk Sonar question I'd ask it here.

Why won't my mouse wheel scroll the parameters in an active plugin window within Sonar 7 or 8, (when the plugin in fact has "scroll-able" bars)???

The mouse wheel scrolls the plugins' fine when they're in stand-alone mode and because of this fact, I think it is something to do with Sonar.

I even downloaded a freebie host and they even scroll fine within the host... it's just Sonar where they won't scroll, but other than that, the plugins work fine in Sonar.

It's really annoying, because sometimes the "pull'able" bar skips waaay past the presets with just the slightest "drag" of the bar thus I miss seeing many of the presets for the plugin... did that make sense?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm on Windows XP and use a Logitech optical mouse... if that helps.