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Topic: Sustain with Oboe sound

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    Sustain with Oboe sound

    I like the the Garritan Orchestra sounds very much. For now I only have a version of Garritan within the Dimension synth that comes with Sonar. But the sound ends very "on-off" with no sustain. Anyone who knows how to add some sustain to the sounds so it ends fading out a bit more naturally.
    As an example: I have a Yamaha PRS 9000 keyboard - when I use the sustain pedal and release the key the sound fades out very naturally. When I do the same with Dimension the sound just keeps playing - as if I didnt release the key. Suggestions ?

    What if i buy the full version ? Possible to do this within this ?

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    Re: Sustain with Oboe sound

    The sustain pedal with the full version is used to control legato mode. Without the sustain pedal the oboe has it's full attack. With the sustain pedal, the attack portion is removed to go smoothly from note to note. The modulation wheel (CC1) is used to change the dynamics of a note. To fade out, you would hold the note and lower CC1 gradually. CC1 should be changed constantly in GPO for the best results. Think of CC1 as the air flowing through the instrument. A real musician constantly changes the air flow to make the instruments 'sing'.


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    Re: Sustain with Oboe sound

    Hi, Henki

    has written a good brief explanation for you. However I think he's not familiar with the Garritan Pocket Orchestra which is bundled with Dimension, because it functions differently than the standard GPO.

    Since Dimension is meant to operate as a standard synth inside Sonar, this special stripped-down version of GPO was re-programmed to function like the other sounds in Dimension.

    So instead of volume being controlled by CC1, which Haydn described, the Pocket Orchestra instruments have their volume controlled by CC7, like standard samplers/synths. The mod wheel use described by Haydn is how the full version of GPO is controlled. Of course if you have a programmable mod wheel, set it to CC7, and you'll have the same volume control he described. Otherwise, use your keyboard's volume pedal, a slider, or draw the data in Sonar's PRV.

    The Legato feature of the Garritan instruments seems to be the same in the Pocket Orchestra as it is in the full GPO. As Haydn explained, you put the sustain pedal down after the first note in a legato passage starts, and then release the sustain at the end of the passage. All the samples in that passage will have been altered, with their attacks softer, so the legato is more convincing.

    Now, in trying to follow your post, it sounds like you're saying that what you're used to is having a sound fade out after you release the key but before you release the sustain pedal - ? If that's what you meant, it really isn't correct. Normally a sound sustains as long as the pedal is down, released when you let up on the pedal.

    What you're actually referring to is the programmed release portion of a sample. Once again this is different in the Pocket Orchestra as compared to the full GPO. In the latter, we can control how long it takes for a note to fade out via CC21. But that control doesn't do anything in the Pocket version.

    I have Sonar open as I write this, Dimension inserted, and the Oboe from the Pocket Orchestra loaded. When I play a legato passage, the sustain pedal is working as it should. Then on the last note, I release the pedal first THen the note--and the note has a brief fade out release which sounds perfectly natural.

    If you want to make that release more pronounced, then do as Haydn suggested - do the extra fading with volume control, just use CC7 (volume pedal) instead of CC1.

    Randy B.

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