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Topic: A composition...

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    A composition...

    A composition for anyone interested... I am trying to have a complete good sample collection, so be tolerant with the quality of some instruments. This composition is for a slide show presentation that will describe the life of a person who is alone in an island. This is the first part.
    Here is the link:

    Comments are welcome!!!

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    Re: A composition...

    I tried to play in hi-fi and download and could do neither. Maybe it was my browser?

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    Re: A composition...

    Ooopps..! I check it and the link is not working...sorry.
    Try this one.

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    Re: A composition...

    Nice composition! The only criticism I would have to say is maybe add some brass to thicken up the strings, but that\'s just my opinion. It\'s all subjective anyway. That would really make the piece bold!
    I wasn\'t to crazy about the piano sound and I would have probably used a timpani instead of tom drums to make it sound more soundtracky.
    Good compostion though !

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    Re: A composition...

    I liked the piece. Would you mind revealing what strings and voices you used?


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    Re: A composition...

    You are right about the brass and the timpani. My problem was that I am waiting for the brass and percussion library. The piano is a public domain piano (I will buy one in the future)

    The strings are GOS and the voices are samples converted to soundfonts :-(

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    Re: A composition...

    Nice composition , but I have to agree about the piano-sounds wavery, like warped record.

    Keep up the writing, tho.


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