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Topic: Harpsichord VSTs

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    Harpsichord VSTs


    I am wondering are there any libraries or Vsts out there that have a good selection of Harpsichords?

    I am looking for a library that has its own built in player, to be used as a VST or a stand alone, rather than something for which I need Kontakt2 or Giga or what not. Though, I have Reason 3, so NNXT format would do.

    I know Garritan PO has one harpsichord, and I know of RealSamples and Syntheway...but I am really looking for a library that has several varieties, Italien or French, Flemish or English, double or triple strung etc...with lute stops. or buff stops, if you prefer.....

    Anyone who want to compare the RealSample's offerings and the Garritan, would be greatly appreciated...

    and I am just wondering if there is a piano library out there that also contains harpsichords...

    as per course, I did a search here without finding exactly the info I needed, and of course, all help and advice is much appreciated....



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    Re: Harpsichord VSTs


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    Re: Harpsichord VSTs

    Hi Saku,

    The Vienna Symphonic Library has a product called Vienna Instruments Special Keyboards which contains a Prepared Piano, Harpsichord, and a Harmonium. This doesn't require sampler because it uses the Vienna Instrument plug-in instead.

    The Harpsichord sounds incredible and you have the following patches for it: 8' stop, 8' stop with double strings, and 8' double with 4' stops.

    You can find more information on it by going here: https://vsl.co.at/en/211/442/478/461/558/296.htm
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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    Re: Harpsichord VSTs


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    Re: Harpsichord VSTs

    I really don't know much about harpsichords, but Pianoteq has several as a free download once you register, and it gives you a lot of control over the sound. Here's the page with mp3's of them:


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    Re: Harpsichord VSTs

    Brilliant - I am only an 'amatuer', but they did sound impressive to my ears - and there are pianofortes as well...a capital suggestion, and definitely on my christmas shopping list...many thanks

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    Re: Harpsichord VSTs

    I have recently come across the site sonimusicae.free.fr. They have two very nice harpsichord libraries for free.


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