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Topic: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

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    Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    I wasn't sure how this would turn out on a sampled piano, the dynamics ranges from ppppp to mf.

    Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Flat Eq:


    Brighter Eq on the mids and highs:


    Of course comments are always appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Hey Guy,

    It works for me. Nice performance and an enjoyable listen.


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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    lovely. thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Hi Guy,

    beautiful playing here! Just Superb!
    I really enjoyed listening to your performance of this. Very, very expressive and your very subtle and sensitive use of rubato really made this piece come alive.

    Thanks for posting this!



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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Thanks Alex and both Steves!

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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Sounds great Guy. Have you tried shifting the phase with an all-pass filter? I think that would open up the upper mids and highs nicer than the eq.

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    Wink Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    I suppose it's a Vienna piano...

    Even for that I was expecting something better...

    The flat Eq is not really my taste (seems too dark to me, like some 60's records, a kind of vintage).

    Your Eq fix the issues perfectly, and I really enjoy the sound you produced with it.

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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Hi Guy,
    I love your touch!

    The Bosendorfer sound great in your hands.

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    Re: Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov

    Thank you Dan I'm getting more aquatinted with Imperial as well, some adjustments and adaptation to be made with time makes a difference.

    And thanks Fabio and Rick!

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