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Topic: suggest me some music!

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    suggest me some music!

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    Heelllo Everyone!

    Need some help! Been making music for a while now, nothing heavily orchestral based but mainly electronic.

    Last few months I've been inspired by a few things that have made me pay alot of interest into the whole music and building orchestral pieces (hence why I signed up here! Been following the Principles of Orchestration On-line and its been realllly helpful!). As i'm dead new to the whole music and there is sooo much out there I need some help, really looking for some inspiration and references.

    What i'm looking for are pieces that are quite dark in atmosphere, not heavily overwhelming but quite airy, flowing and mysterious.

    If anyone has any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks alot

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    Re: suggest me some music!

    I would start by looking at J S Bach and his Anna Magdalena Notebook.

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