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Topic: Cinematic Strings Teaser

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    Cinematic Strings Teaser

    Thanks for being so patient, everyone.

    Here's 2 short teasers, displaying the lush warmth Cinematic Strings is very easily capable of.

    Some info about the demo:

    This demo features the stage microphones only.
    All sections except for basses are using the high position vibrato sustains.
    No EQ was used on this, and a relatively small amount of algorithm reverb (no early reflections - just a tail)
    It took me around 1/2 an hour to create.


    And the 2nd was composed by my talented friend David Hearn.


    He used the xfade vibrato patches to create this lovely piece.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!

    Hope you enjoy it.


    Here's a new demo: "Ultimatum," which demonstrates the short notes in a fast paced action piece.

    I composed and sequenced this in about 1/2 hour. Thanks to David Hearn for composing the percussion parts.

    There's a small amount of compression and EQ on there, but I also included a "naked" version - which is straight out of Cubase with no processing apart from a small amount of reverb.

    The demos have also all now been updated with 320kbit versions.

    Hope you enjoy!



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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    WOW! Congratulations. This should get some discussion going.


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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    Sounds great, Alex. When are you planning on having the site up and the library available?

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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    WOW... I know it's hard to judge on just two demos, but these may be the best sounding sampled strings I've heard yet. LASS of course also sounds outstanding, but really.. the lushness of the sound here is just divine.

    I like how there's barely any other instrumentation here besides the strings. There was too much other noise (i.e. the voices in Reverie in G) in the some of the LASS demos for me.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing more demos illustrating the different articulations. VERY NICE work!

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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    HOLY @#$%!! Very musical! Can't wait to hear more.


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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    Well these have a great ensemble sound, especially in the second demo. There is a nice richness there, though at times in the higher registers in the first demo sometimes it sounded not as convincing and somewhat synthetic, but just on a note here or there. But both this library and LASS are ahead of what we have at least as far as the romantic side of things go.

    I do think the definition one hears hears in LAAS ("She Was A Fair Lass" or whatever it's called) is something new. There is an awesome transparency there that really is impressive. You can hear everything it seems.

    But just based on the demos for both libraries up here, I want them both now

    TH (Who still is wondering what the EW library is going to sound like and doesn't have enough cash to buy all 3 )
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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    Interesting lush sound. To me it has an other worldly quality to it, sort of like organic electronic. It's very pleasing, especially if u don't think of it as a string sound. Hope that doesn't sound harsh but that's what I hear. I'd probably like it even more if it didn't try to emulate an orchestra idiomaticAlly in terms of arrangement.

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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    Sounds awesome to me. Certainly sound like strings and not an organ to my ears. If I heard this and didn't know it was sampled, I'd be fooled.

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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    I have (urgent) questions! When comparing to LASS, it seems that LASS has done some impressive programming. In your poster you mention "intelligent scripting".

    -Can you tell more about how the library has been scripted?
    -How have you handled repetitive notes or is this library more about lush, long legato lines?
    -What about portamentos etc?
    -Can you post maybe some technical demo just demonstrating the intelligent scripting?
    -What about differences between Standard and pro versions? Does the scripting handle bow changing and stuff like that?
    -How do the different intensities of the vibrato work: are they separate patches or can you alter vibrato in realtime?
    -What about handling divisi? Is there some kind of auto-divisi available?

    Thanks! I'd appreciate fast answers (as there's a certain sale going on and it's going to end soon... )
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    Re: Cinematic Strings Teaser

    Well honestly my first impression was that they sound synthy. Especially in the high register.


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