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Topic: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

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    EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    I asked this over at the EW forum, but wanted to ask here too, because there are a lot of sample-based composers like me on here.

    Like a lot of you I would imagine, I've been trying to achieve as much authenticity as I can with EWQLSO Platinum, and at this point, what I've done sounds pretty good to me. It sounds pretty close to where I'd like it to be.

    But my question is, would there be any benefit to making a track of the Hall Noise and layer it underneath everything else in my projects? Would it, by being there under everything, "fool" the ears or subconscious hearing into sounding more real? Like not necessarily heard, but still perceived?

    Also, if the answer is yes, would it be advised to route the hall noise to the global reverb, or leave it dry?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    A while back the Bela D Media guys released a free download of Concert Hall Noise -- you can search the forums for a link, it may still be active. The answer is YES, it has a tremendous effect. It basically adds a noise floor, chair creaks, stuff like that, in the ambience of the hall that it was recorded in. I use it when I have passages that are quiet or slightly exposed. It's like magic.


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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    Thanks for the reply NYC. I think I got that free pack from Bela D. I have yet to use it though. It's been on my mind though, so I may yet.

    Anyone else have opinions or ideas?

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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    To me it sounds like it's all in your head. I personally don't think it will add anything. The only weird trick that I think helps sometimes is the slight fuzz that mics pick up. I've always noticed this at the start of orchestral tracks and for some reason it makes it feel more real to me. Maybe I'm just crazy also.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    does anyone have some 24bit samples of coughing, hopefully both audience and from the sound stage. I think that may add that extra "something" i'm looking for!

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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    That Bela D one has some of that stuff. There's a pretty good variety of things in there. I'm not sure where to get it now though. It was free, but I can't find the link anymore, or I'd post it for you.

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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    Ask them, I am sure they will help you!

    But there is no need of 24bit. I think you will mix it very soft, and here 24bit can`t show how great it is... .
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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    The Scoring Noises pack has become a special freebie for our existing costumers accessible only via our private forum.

    On topic: personally I like subtle scoring noises but their uses also depend on the purpose of the song in question (standalone or soundtrack for a game, etc.). Try the EWQLSO's hall noise patch underlaying a short sketch and compare it to the noiseless version of it and decide which suits your actual needs better
    Gábor Valasek
    Scripting Team
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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    Marten Spruijt also made a good concert hall noise sample, I think I downloaded from Project Sam site, but google in case. Cant really remember where i got it.

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    Re: EWQLSO Platinum Hall Noise

    Quote Originally Posted by upsider View Post
    Marten Spruijt also made a good concert hall noise sample, I think I downloaded from Project Sam site, but google in case. Cant really remember where i got it.
    Yes it was on his blog...

    ... but, Maarten's blog is down

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