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Topic: advice on strings..

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    advice on strings..


    im looking for some convincing strings.. leaning towards the AO strings, but reviews of posters are mixed..
    Im looking for stringsections , ill probably go with the Dan deans\' for solo strings.
    Can anyone recommend the AO strings or another library..
    I would love to hear some mp3 ..other than the ones allready posted..
    Is Garritan also going to sell his strings in parts.. I cant affort the whole pakkage. )


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    Re: advice on strings..

    Believe the buzz - go for GOS!

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    Re: advice on strings..

    Save up for GOS!! I\'m removing all other string libraries off my hard drive.

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    Re: advice on strings..

    For string ensembles, go for Garritan Orchestral Strings. The choices and articulations are state of the art and the grand detaches are ever sooo lovely . You won\'t be sorry you got this library. 16 CDs as well and it comes to about 67 bucks a CD. A very good deal if I must say.
    I don\'t think you will be pleased with Advanced Orchestra strings. They sound like they were mic\'d \'within\' the instrument itself. The soft sustains patch is an exception. It does have a nice sound, but it is a full string sound, so you can\'t place each section in its own space.
    Advanced Orchestra does have a great solo English Horn though.
    Solo Strings-Dan Dean. A beautifully recorded library of great solo string sounds. The cello vibrato and cello pizz are especially outstanding. The viola and violin arco are terrific as well.
    The sound quality of Dans library is definitely A+. No EQ or anything needed for these samples IMHO.

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    Re: advice on strings..

    GOS are very good, and you will get updates too!

    If you really tight on money, then I would suggest buying the string sections from VR sounds. The prices are great, and you can buy excatly what you need. I use these strings mixed with x-sample strings. The strings in x-sample are solo, but they still mix well.

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    Re: advice on strings..


    could you detail out what you mean wit VR sounds ? What, where etc ?


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    Re: advice on strings..

    hi Horst, i mailed www.vrsound.com.. this is the info they gave me..

    Currently available strings:
    Solo Violin $ 79.-
    Solo Viola $ 79.-

    Violin Section:
    2 + 2 chairs of all techniques (bow, vibrato, pizz, tremolonde, stacc.,..) with 3 addl legato solo violins 179.-
    Giga instruments include: x fade between chairs for most techniques, x fade to vibrato,..... huge variety of samples!!!
    Viola Section:
    2 + 2 chairs of all techniques similar to violins 179.-
    Celli section:
    2 + 2 chairs of all techniques similar to violins 179.-
    Basses section:
    2 basses all techniques plus ripps and other effects. 149.-

    Extremely realistic and powerful tools for string composition. Load \"KF\" layers on the same midi channel to form a full range string instrument.

    In the works: Solo Cello, Solo Bass coming soon!

    Order separately or get all currently available strings for 749.-. (no coupons!)

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    Re: advice on strings..

    Dan Dean\'s Solo Strings are quite superb. AND you can probably get them for around $100. If you\'re on a tight budget there is no better value. Everyone rightly praises the cello, but the violin and the viola are also (in my opinion) brilliant.

    You could try the Prosamples Volume 11 (I think). This\'ll give you some section stuff for less than fifty bucks while you save for the GOS.

    Seven hundred and fifty dollars for the VRSound stuff is looney Tunes: Has anyone ever purchased these? If so, please let us know what you get for the best part of a thousand dollars.

    It wasn\'t so long ago that the VRSound site had to take down a demo of the strings because everyone was laughing at it for sounding like a school orchestra (miles outa tune).

    Sorry to the VR guy but Bart (like the rest of us) deserves to know that people posting here often have a vested interest in \'pushing\' certain products.

    Dan Dean\'s strings are great. The GOS are undoubtedly unrivalled. VRSounds? For twenty bucks I\'d give them a try.

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    Re: advice on strings..

    again the same: what/where is Prosamples ?

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    Re: advice on strings..

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Horst:
    again the same: what/where is Prosamples ?

    Prosamples are cut-down versions of sample libraries. Volume 11 IS the AO that costs a lot in its full form. (I think it\'s Volume 11, I haven\'t checked, but when you find one volume marketed, you find them all)

    If you go to www.timespace.com (in the UK so it might be \'.co.uk\') or Soundsonline.com in the US, you\'ll see the whole collection. I don\'t have Vol 11 but I am planning to buy it. I\'m not entirely sure what\'s in it but I think that there are a couple of velocities of slow strings and a few other bits and pieces. Others in this group could enlighten you as to the value of Prosamples, but bear in mind that it\'s your needs/budget that counts. I don\'t do any large orchestral stuff so I only need a nice string section now again for fun (although I\'d love it if GOS was sold in pieces).

    But I do own Dan Deans\' solo strings and again, I\'d recommend them; they are superb.

    You might also want to look at Donnie\'s new orchestral release for an orchestra under $300 (post a question to Donnie and I\'m sure he and others will chime in with some help).

    If you\'re relying solely on opinion then you should use the web to hunt down as many demos as possible and drive people here crazy with questions. If it\'s all new to you, then the Prosamples are certainly worth researching, as are the Xsample strings - not too expensive with a lot of happy customers.

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