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Topic: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

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    Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere


    Besides the orchestral strings which are obvious (Hollywood, Adagio etc) where are the patches in Atmosphere that use the following other acoustic sound sources that are referenced in the User Guide?

    Glass Harmonica
    Prepared Piano
    Tibetan Bowls
    Fender Rhodes
    Electric Guitar
    South American flutes
    Orchestral String Section
    Numerous Vocalists and Choral Groups
    The sea and the waves
    Some rays of sun and shadows of the moon

    Thank you

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    Bump. I know I'm not using Omnisphere here but a reply would be much appreciated

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    There are some patches that are obvious (like the Glass Harmonica patches), but most are composites and those acoustic sounds listed are the original sources used to create ambiences and textures in Atmosphere after much signal processing.

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    Thanks Spectrum.

    I know Omnisphere is great and all (I've played on it extensively at a friend's house and its VERY powerful!) but I definitely think Atmosphere is your magnum opus - it's just an absolutely gorgeous instrument, that years after it was made is still full of surprises and wonderful sounds to tweak

    I've started writing my music exclusively with Spectrasonics sounds now, nothing does it for me like your products and I've got tired of the frustrations of trying to 'produce' other sounds up to the standards of the material you've created. I'm loving how much I can make use of Trilogy's top end for extra synth parts, with the right EQ and effects it is a very versatile synth in its own right. Keep up the good work, your products are timeless.

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    Thanks and glad you are using Atmosphere to its fullest.

    There's no question though that the "magnus opus" is Omnisphere though. You should upgrade....there's WAY more to explore than in ATM. :-)



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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    I want to go beyond the realms of what this forum is for, into highly opinionated views that might not be fit for public consumption now. I was going to send you this as a PM but unfortunately it doesn't seem like I can do that on here so I'm going to have to post, replete with this disclaimer

    In my most humble opinion, and I guess this is going to sound very cheeky, I don't think the coding is tight enough in Omnisphere to call it your magnum opus; although your new sound design is absolutely top notch, the plugin itself marrs the presentation of those sounds. Your recent plugins (I'm staying on Stylus RMX 1.5 because the new one takes too long to load imho - even though Time Designer is incredible) don't run fast enough for me. They don't feel sleek and quick, in the same way (and I know you're a Mac dude here so I'm not sure if you'll fully appreciate the analogy) Internet Explorer feels weighted down compared to Google's Chrome. Omni disappointed me because I felt myself yearning for a 'Google Chrome' version of it...if that makes any sense.

    The UVI engine in Atmosphere (which I appreciate isn't your own code), whilst flawed (no VST automation, RAM only and slow loading, limited patch management etc), runs soo quickly and I love that for the creativity and for how much it encourages one to forget about the technology.

    Apologies if any of this is entirely inappropriate for me to say. Ultimately I have the utmost respect for what you do, I could never do what you do. But that doesn't stop me for saying that I'd love the bar to be raised higher in terms of the elegance and sleekness of the inhouse programming your company is putting its name on.

    Spectrum, if you want me to remove this post I don't mind doing that as I'm conscious of how important it is for ANY company to keep face, especially in these tough financial times. Please PM me if you require anything.

    Best regards.

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    Time for a faster computer I think - check out the core i7s

    Core i7 920, Win 7 RC 64, Cubase 5 64, Omnisphere, Trilogy, RMX, EWQLSO Plat EW Choirs, GPO, Stradivari, Gofrilla, Absynth 4, Halion 3, Kontakt3, BFD2, VSL Strings, JBridge running all 32 bit apps well.

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    Yeh sounds like you need a new machine. As technology advances, and Omni is very advanced, its bound to need faster machines.

    On my macbook pro 2.4 with 4 gig ram Omni loads quickly and the controls are extremely responsive, the whole feeling of using it is tight and accurate throughout.

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    Quote Originally Posted by MagicalPlug View Post
    In my most humble opinion, and I guess this is going to sound very cheeky, I don't think the coding is tight enough in Omnisphere to call it your magnum opus; although your new sound design is absolutely top notch, the plugin itself marrs the presentation of those sounds.
    I've only used Omnisphere on my new Mac Pro but I can't believe we're talking about the same plug-in. Everything about Omni is quick and responsive. The only thing that takes a couple of seconds is loading large patches, which is a HD thing not a plug-in thing.

    If your running a slower computer you might think about upgrading. All of the newer professional instruments assume the user is using current processing hardware. Try running 14 tracks of Symphobia 24-bit stacked multis w/release samples on anything but the latest computer gear!

    At least for me, Omni has more than paid for my new Mac in 3-months due to it's ability to crank out tracks of almost any genre with minimum fuss and super efficiency.

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    Re: Acoustic Patches In Atmosphere

    The above posts are all correct.

    Omnisphere simply requires a more modern computer. Omnisphere is easily doing 100x the engine power of what's happening in the UVI engine, so it requires a more robust system than Atmosphere does. But considering that it works very well with even current entry level computers, it's fair to say that Omnisphere is quite efficient considering all of what it is doing.

    BTW, if you only use the features that Atmosphere uses in Omnisphere, the CPU load is basically the same. So it's not an issue of the coding at all.

    In terms of the web Browser comparisons, that's not a good analogy - because there isn't another instrument that does all of what Omnisphere does. (you'd have to combine products like Massive, Absynth and Kontakt together to get close....but there's still unique things that only Omnisphere has)

    What's funny is that I remember hearing this identical comment regarding the UVI engine when we started (because we were pushing the envelope then too) :-) Over time, what was an engine that required a powerful computer becomes the "efficiency reference" for future engines....simply because computers get faster.

    That said, there were a few initial performance issues on certain configurations on the Windows side (slow browser performance, etc) and it sounds like you may have checked out that version. However, all of those issues have already been ironed out....so you should check it out again with the latest versions on a current system. As you can see from the video tutorials...it's very fast.



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