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Topic: Digital Sound Factory Discount

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    Digital Sound Factory Discount

    Hi All,

    www.DigitalSoundFactory.com is offering a promotion for all Northern Sound customers. Enter the coupon code NSOUND at checkout before the end of July and save 35% on all of our sound products.

    Best Regards,


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    Re: Digital Sound Factory Discount

    too bad the format used for the Ensoniq Cd is Soundfont and not kontakt or a player...

    are the ensoniq sounds have been sampled with the FX ? if not, it's kind of useless, as the main and best feature of the ensoniq keyboards were the onboard FX ...

    i will check your website .. because i searched a way to have the ensoniq sample libraries on my pc for YEARS , with no luck . (chicken translator and kontakt have never been able to do a translation of them correctly) ...

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    Re: Digital Sound Factory Discount


    Is the ZR-76 sound set identical to the original ZR? Are all of the waveforms present? (aside from the perfect Piano substitution)

    Also does it work completely with the free Proteus VX software that Enu offers? if so I can't believe the deal. A major league synth from back in the day for around $40.00 (with your generous discount of course)

    Man times have changed!

    Best of luck Tim. Let me know the answers and I'll get my cash together!


    PS is the Xtreme Lead available for the VX player? I only see Cakewalk Dimension and sound font versions.
    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Digital Sound Factory Discount

    Hi Marty/Darren,

    The Ensoniq sounds are available in E-MU X/PX/Free VX, Cakewalk SFZ, and SoundFont formats. The Reason NN-XT sampler loads the SoundFont files flawlessly. Each sound product consists of the original sample content mapped as a preset. Since these are not re samples of the instruments, the original effects are not present.
    The Xtreme Lead Emulator version is available at the E-MU website.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Best Regards,


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