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Topic: Studiologic VMK-188 wow

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    Cool Studiologic VMK-188 wow

    Just purchased this new controller, to replace my Yamaha digital piano (P70). What a difference, it's like night and day! The keys feel sooo nice, and the response or so-called action is great. It definitely plays like an instrument, and instantly transformed all my piano libraries to something much better. Highly recommended, if you're in the market for a relatively inexpensive 88 key weighted controller. Check it out!

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188 wow


    I've had a VMK-188 plus for almost 2 years now and I wouldn't trade it for any other controller keyboard. Fatar makes some of the best action out there. And at a decent price.

    I'm glad you like your new controller! I know exactly how you feel!

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188 wow

    I hope you never need parts. The rotary encoder on mine is bad. Since I do repair I can replace it myself but I have to order it through a dealer. The parts gal at the USA distributer looked up the part number and told my local dealer it was free, so they ordered two. When they got the package it contained two knobs. Case of ditz is as ditz does. Rather than have the dealer's repair shop waste any more time I told them I would pursue it. Never got a call back from the main honcho I contacted and the gal in parts told me she would have to call Fatar in Italy. That was about 2 weeks ago. For comparison, my monitor speaker was recently blown over (outside gig by a lake, speaker on tripod stand, high winds) onto my Yamaha Motif 7 ES and broke four keys. I ordered on Monday and had them by Thursday along with the service manual and was up and running that day. The only way I would deal with Studiologic / Fatar, is if their keyboard action was buried in a supported product like Kurzweil.

    Are you using it live? The action may be good but as a controller it's really limited - no splits and a super slow patch load times.


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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188 wow

    I'm not planning on using it live, so that wasn't really a factor for me. And i mainly use an edirol pcr-500 for knobs/sliders and other midi functions, as well as for samples that lend themselves to synth-action type keyboard. So the action on the VMK-188 was definitely the #1 factor for me, and it delivers very nicely indeed in that regard.

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188 wow

    Yeah, the next thing we need is a dual manual controller - weighted 76/88 key on the bottom and 76 key synth/waterfall action on top .


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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188 wow


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