Hi everyone,

I thought this might be interesting for you – if this is too much of an “ad” – please delet

We are trying out a new thing: orchestral recording session open to all composers / audio directors / developers who want to check it out.

Our German based team of 20 (composers, sound designers, orchestrators) is one of the leading European game audio studios. One of the things we are focussing on is big live orchestra recordings, as
Germany has a great number of fantastic state owned orchestras that we can work with. Due to a special subsidy situation, the orchestras can be booked at very competitive prices. In the last years we did some 15 big soundtrack recordings for our own productions and we noticed that this might be nice as a service for writers outside our team as well.

In the meantime we did recordings of music not written by us for THQ, Microsoft, Activision and Fox networks

Now we want to bring this to a new level by simply booking a two day session and filling it up with whoever wants to have stuff recorded, without being able to book a full session of one or two days.

We are offering this for $750 per minute of final recorded music. Including final orchestration, score layout, score print, recording, orchestra, conductor, concert hall rent, mixing and mastering in stereo. The only thing we need from you is an MP3 + MIDIs + a rough score layout as PDF.

There is an info package that you can download here:

You will find demo samples + a PDF giving you information on the demo samples. In addition you will find some pictures of the orchestra / concert hall and some scores.

Alright guys,

whoever wants to give it a try - let me know.