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Topic: A Different Kind of ARIA question...

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    A Different Kind of ARIA question...

    one which I may get an answer to this evening, but I'll ask here just in case.

    So as ARIA is an SFZ based sample player is there a chance that it would be a good target plaform for all my old GS libraries? I've translated some of them, using Chicken Systems Translator, to SFZ for use in Dimension. Seems like this might be the solution I was looking for... any thoughts?

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: A Different Kind of ARIA question...

    Hi, Bill

    The new Aria will indeed load SFZ files. On one of these GPO4 threads here in General Discussion there were more details.

    My understanding is that you will need to program them to work specifically in Aria, otherwise you will have an audio engine to play them, but the mixer, effects and controls won't be associated with the SFZs until you program them to respond. As a Beta tester of Aria, I loaded SFZs as a test, and that worked fine. But it was just a straight, uncontrolled triggering of the files that was possible--see what I mean?


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