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Topic: First impressions...

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    First impressions...

    after literally 10 minutes of play...

    it is so...so... modern and sleek and transparent, you dont need a manual, everything is apparent even to a dimwit like me...this is off the scale in terms of ease of use---the ambience right there, the mixer, how to load...

    talk about less is WAY WAY more...

    no fighting the interface, no, just playing and composing

    Thanks Gary, it was worth the wait!

    (now, about Aria JABB...and the choirs....and ethnic..and, well you get the idea)

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    Re: First impressions...

    Oooh....sounds promising...
    I am so tempted to get this...

    How's the brass?

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    Re: First impressions...

    One simple yet clever thing I forgot to praise was the fact that which keyswitch is active is shown...part of the whole philosophy of making the interface much more transparent...

    I only listened to a trumpet or two and a trombone - they are better than the originals, which quite frankly, I disliked...but I havent had time to see how they sit amongst other instruments....but soon!

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