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Topic: More fooling around with French Horns

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    More fooling around with French Horns

    I spent some time messing with combining DD Solo Brass Horns with QLB. I should try and get ahead on some work this weekend, but I\'m goofing off like this!

    I didn\'t like the programmingo n the DD SB ensemble patches, so I went in and added some filters and adjusted teh crossfades to giev me a little more \"playable\" instrument. I also made a crossfading \"test\" instrument out of QLB sustaining fr horns. I also tried to edit one to use filters n the ff sample only, and that actually turned out better than I thought..but I used the crossfading one in these.

    Its still not perfect but its the best horn sound I\'ve had ever for my tastes.

    I\'ve also found some editing/mixing higns I started to like and might fool around with more in the future.

    In the btfmicmodel&EQ one I used Anteres mic modeler and a royer model on each of the stereo channel and it sounded pretty good..but for some reason I felt Ineeded to EQ and add some 200hz back in..stupid..it reallytweaked the verb and in listening ot the original BTF cue the horns have a bit less bottom than I thought. I think with the reverb/EQ settings I had in the 3rd version then thrown through just the mic modeler I would have a great sound.

    any Ideas? comments? I\'d love to hear what you guys are hearing as problematic, I tend to focus too much on one or two things during mixing/editing that other things fly by my ears

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: More fooling around with French Horns

    Hey King,
    Those french horns sound good . Put them in a demo for us to listen.
    Nice job!

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    Re: More fooling around with French Horns

    Sounds good. Is that music from Back To The Future?

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    Re: More fooling around with French Horns

    Yah Its one of the Main Horn themes.
    As for Demos Damon. No real time right now... This was just me goofing off from work I had to do When it comes to compositions I spen WAY too much time tweaking, so I\'m better off using that time with compositions for work....and none of those will be using streaming audio right now...so No DD SB

    Really...I am an Idiot

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