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Topic: Hi all... long time no see!

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    Smile Hi all... long time no see!

    Well I have been pretty absent over the last couple of years while I worked on various projects (plus some non music things that takes up my time too). I don't know who's left here that used to know me but a big /wave to those who remain.

    I've finally finished up the newest CD, Alandar, which should be out in a couple weeks or so and now it is on to marketing, etc. Of course just in time to upgrade Logic while in-between projects, and add more sounds. I used the Garritan violin a lot on Alandar...too bad it is discontinued. There was also a piece that I had done originally with GPO but revamped for the final version.

    Anyways I hope to check in more often and also get a new website up and running.

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    Re: Hi all... long time no see!

    Hi Chris, it has been a very long time indeed - welcome back. We both joined the forum about the same time and you were active here and on chat as well, you also said some very complimentary things about the first tune I wrote which unfortunately only encouraged me.

    Just in time for GPO4 too, perfect timing

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    Re: Hi all... long time no see!

    Chris!! Nice to see you here again! Just a few days ago I came across your name on... I think it was CD Baby? ... and I thought, hey, I used to know that guy, wonder what ever happened to him?

    Best of luck with your upcoming CD!
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    Re: Hi all... long time no see!

    Hi Chris,

    Welcome back and good to see you again.

    Good luck with your newest CD and hope to see you more often.

    My best,


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