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Topic: Uninstalled ARIA player

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    Uninstalled ARIA player - reinstalled it and now awesome!!!!!

    Great system. I was very enthusiast about it. Looked like just childs play, so easy. Incorporating in SONAR looked easy.

    Now: I used SONAR 64 and ARIA 64 multiple!!!!!

    • I replaced the KP2 players with ARIA and set all instruments at the channels chosen and the audio tracks already there (from the KP2 setup);
    • I checked everything twice and again;
    • I couldn't get sound made by the triangle, claves and gong (before with KP2 I had them for sure);
    • the sliders in the mixer keep jumping back to their original default value and only when the first audio track is assigned than those sliders stick where set, at least I thought so, but after severlal exercises they were back at some value;
    • so I decided to go from a "clean" system, deleting all KP2 first and second all ARIA vst entries;
    • one of them refused to delete and gave some error in SONAR at the .ntdll in system32;
    • I had to uninstall ARIA / GPO4 to get rid of the superfluous ARIA entry in SONAR.



    OK. Now the EDITED section. I re-installed the GPO4/ARIA.

    Above I left the KP2 player in place while doing the ARIA replacing it.
    Now I started with a complete VST-less SONAR system and all works fine.
    Lesson: just start all over again and don't let KP2 sit there while you are updating to ARIA.
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    Re: Uninstalled ARIA player

    Hi, Raymond - It's hard to follow what all was going on here, but basically it sounds like you were wrestling with an old project, trying to replace KP2 with Aria - That would be a tricky proposition because, for one, the volume levels are going to be completely different.

    "...I had to uninstall ARIA / GPO4 to get rid of the superfluous ARIA entry in SONAR..."

    It's too bad you went to the trouble of doing that. All you had to do was delete the Aria from the project and save it again. And of course you still had your original version of the project file without Aria, I'm sure you didn't throw that out or write over it - This shouldn't have been a problem at all.

    Good to hear that starting a new project in Sonar with Aria works well. For older projects, I recommend you stick with the original way they were laid out - with KP2.


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