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Topic: GPO4 Reviews

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    GPO4 Reviews

    I'd like to hear your GPO4 reviews. How's the new ARIA player working for you? What do you like and don't like about it? Any features you would have liked to see included in a future upgrade? How do you like the new SAM brass sounds? For those who have had GPO3 using Kontakt, do you think you will want to stick with the ARIA player or revert back to using Kontakt? and so on.....

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    I should mention of course that I was among the
    GPO 4 beta testers -- so I've had some time to
    work with it.

    I work predominantly in Finale 2010 at this point.
    Integration has been flawless -- and the performance
    with Finale is excellent... smoother, cleaner, with
    far less load than any version prior to this.

    The Aria engine is one hell of a piece of work --
    major scores I'd done in past that would choke my
    system and barely make it to a rendering... now
    run smooth as silk.

    It's true that GPO 4 / Aria was a long time coming;
    but it was definitely worth the wait.

    One thing I wish could be more apparent to the
    people who buy this product is the development and
    testing of it. By gosh, we'd have knock-down drag-
    out battles going on about details most users might
    never even notice... no effort was spared to "get
    it right the first time" on this one.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by yairhol View Post
    I'd like to hear your GPO4 reviews. How's the new ARIA player working for you? What do you like and don't like about it? Any features you would have liked to see included in a future upgrade? How do you like the new SAM brass sounds? For those who have had GPO3 using Kontakt, do you think you will want to stick with the ARIA player or revert back to using Kontakt? and so on.....

    I am enjoying it immensely. My primary notation system is Finale 2010 and I was frankly amazed at how smoothly ARIA and GPO4 integrated. Tony came to my rescue with help concerning registration which was, dare I say it, too simple. You see, I have always, ALWAYS, had immense trouble getting new music software up and running. GPO4 was so direct and simple it threw me.

    I am going to have a bit of a learning curve in terms of settings, but that too seems direct and manageable. The SAM brass is stunning. I applied it to an old field fanfare I wrote for a high school band in 1977 - it was amazingly life-like.

    I do a lot of choral music and I found that the "ooh" sound was a bit thick, but again - that's not a complaint. With about 30 minutes effort I managed it to a well-rounded sound.

    And then I found that I could use GPO4 and GPO Finale 2010 GPO together. I nearly fell out of my chair at how easy it was.

    A basic choir sound, world instruments - yes, this is going to be fun.

    Go back to Kontakt? No. Definately not. No.

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    i miss a point.
    ARIA GPO upgrade seems already available in the online shop.
    but is there a webpage explaining the new features??
    i cannot find it!

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    Love it! I've already created a Full Orchestra template for my future GPO4/Overture 4 projects. Love the Choir too.
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright, comedian

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by bosone View Post
    ...but is there a webpage explaining the new features??
    I've not found it yet either bosone, but here is a summary from the manual for you:

    What’s New in GPO 4
    ARIA Advanced Sample Engine
    The latest version of Personal Orchestra includes the advanced new ARIA engine. The ARIA engine is a highly-optimized sample player featuring efficient RAM usage and cycling, fast sample loading, and low CPU-demand. The ARIA engine is in use in products from Microsoft, SONY, AKAI and MakeMusic and is stable and thoroughly tested. It works as a Standalone, Plug-in (VST, AudioUnits & RTAS), and with supported notation programs. The ARIA engine also supports 64-bit operating systems.
    Auto Legato
    Auto Legato programming intelligently detects when you are playing a smooth line with overlapping notes and automatically applies the correct transitions between notes. It functions similarly to (but does not replace) the sustain pedal legato playing technique for solo instruments.
    ProjectSAM Brass, Additional Sounds and Ensemble Presents
    Garritan Personal Orchestra now includes select brass samples from ProjectSAM. These patches have extra edge and punch to make your passages more lively and exciting! There are also Choir sounds, extended ranges on some instruments and Ensemble Presets.
    Integrated Ambience Effects Processing
    Both the standalone and plug-in versions contain the stunning AMBIENCE reverb unit built-in, with user-adjustable sends on the mixer page to control the level on a per-instrument basis.
    Stereo Stage
    Stereo Stage breathes even more life into GPO 4’s samples by applying an emulation of a stereo image recording to the sample. The default simulation is "XY."
    MIDI Playback and Recording Features
    The Standalone ARIA Player allows loading and playback of MIDI files. You can also make a 16-bit WAV file recording of the MIDI file, or of yourself playing live! Offline rendering support for more complex pieces is also included.10
    Tunings and Scala File Support
    GPO 4 ARIA not only allows you to adjust the pitch by a few semitones, it also allows you to adjust the fundamental tunings and scales of the sample playback engine! In GPO 4 ARIA there is a dropdown containing a multitude of Scala files. These files adjust the temperament of the scales (defaulting to equal temperament). Any Scala-compatible tuning file may be used.
    Direct Registration and Graceful Copy Protection
    All authorization support and registration inquires are now handled by Garritan. Users receive a Personalized Graphic Card Key to authorize. Simply drag and drop the personalized graphic card onto the ARIA player and it is authorized.You are allowed to use your products on multiple computers, without dongles or challenge response schemes.

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    Can Aria load other files, like wave or sf2 or is it strictly a player?

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    It can load SFZ files only [for playback only, no editing facility].

    Obviously if you have WAV/other formats, there are freely available conversion tools that can turn your files to SFZ.

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    Re: GPO4 Reviews

    I'll add +1 to what EtLux has said. I've been using GPO4 for sometime now as a beta tester. I tried the integration with Finale 2009 and found it worked exactly as expected. The majority of my testing was in Digital Performer 5.13 and Logic 8.02.

    I took Kontakt based projects and switched them to Aria in just a few minutes. As far as I can tell nothing broke in the process and my projects play the same under Aria as they did under Kontakt. In other words, it is a painless transition.

    The Aria interface is easy to use and intuitive. The SAM Brass add a new level of depth and realism to the library.

    To me, Aria is a huge step forward for Garritan Libraries. A common interface across all Garritan products is going to be a significant feature. It just makes things more intuitive and easier to manage. GPO4 is a great first step forward!

    - Kevin.
    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Lightbulb Re: GPO4 Reviews

    I have to say that the full process of buy, download and install, including registration and activation was amazing: difficoult to imagine something better and flowless. Congratulations.

    I have to say that I didn't check anything before I buy, being the upgrade at fair price for me, and being I a GPO fan/supporter, it was simply a must.

    But I have to report I'm really disappointed by the missing components of the Aria engine that were presented as possible during the development and teasers communications:

    - no convolution, and no virtual stage interface

    Some nice samples of virtual stage were posted years ago during development, and watching Steinway piano interface I supposed it's an Aria player standard feature. Well, probably I've been too easy in my deduction, and definitely I was wrong.

    Don't underestimate the new parameter "depth" of the pan: you can improve the stereo image using parameters (linked to default MIDI controllers) but in the usual way knob by knob, instrument by instrument.

    All the rest works fine on my Vista 64.

    I appreciated new sounds and auto-legato, but the autolegato function is compatible only with a reduced set of sounds: every time you apply it to a strong attack sound (e.g. SAM solo brass) you will get a funny "bandoneon-like" sound. Then it needs selection and experience to be used, it's not really out-of-the-box (or realism can dramatically crash).

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