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Topic: Update on best Pianos?

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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    I still like Ivory quite a bit, and I disagree that it's a waste of time. However, I do wish it was possible to edit the individual notes/samples like you can with Gigastudio and Kontakt sampled pianos. Certainly, none of these libraries are perfect, and the ability to change what we don't like is important, I feel.

    I don't care for Akoustik Piano or the Garritan Steinway nearly as much as Ivory, and the Bluthner Digital demos don't do it for me. The Sampletekk Black Grand is quite good for some types of music. The pianos that I'd really enjoy trying are the EWQL's, but the computer horsepower necessary and the cost of the library are holding me back.

    It's funny that one good quality acoustic piano can cover ALL the bases and do it well, while we need to think of these libraries as different brushes for our palate. Because Ivory, and the Galaxy and EWQL libraries contain several instruments each, they're pretty appealing, like a Swiss Army knife .

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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    "Pianoteq".................... is the best piano VSTI out hands down. Its all DSP powered, tunable to the littlest attribute. and has som sort of technology where it analyzes the response of a piano to recreate its attributes digitally. So every once in a while the site uploads nostalgic uprights and historical pianos as add ons. So you can have all these famous pianos at ur finger tips.

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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    Quote Originally Posted by natewill18 View Post
    "Pianoteq".................... is the best piano VSTI out hands down.
    Well, no it's not, if accuracy is your goal.

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    Post Re: Update on best Pianos?

    Hi all,

    I am newbie here and I just want some kind of help from you friend. I am going to buy a new piano for my sweet sister and I just wondering that I can buy some good may be the best piano for her so can any one here suggest me?

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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    My Grand Piano Sound Chart:

    1.) Galaxy Steinway OEM (I got only the Steinway for 60 Euros at musicstore.de, rocks every other piano library in terms of sound quality and tweakability)

    2.) NI Akustik Piano (good workhorse. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't part of Komplete 5, but I love having many piano sounds...)

    3.) Kontakt-Library Piano (not the crappy one in band section: really terrible, but the Concert D in the Orchestral Section, good for some quick and dirty use)

    3.) Good old Roland RD-300SX Sound

    1000.) Steinberg The Grand 2 (somehow ugly and very inefficient (I wasn't able to play fast passages on an Q6600 / 4GB without problems. And the sound doesn't fit as well. Terrible GUI as well)

    My Upright Piano Chart:

    1. AcousticSamples B-Piano (makes you feel like playing a really bad piano, unfortunately quite detuned)

    2. NI Akustik Piano (nice clean Upright Piano Sound)

    3. Pendle's Ship Piano (very nice sound, but no release / pedal samples)

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    Re: Update on best Pianos?


    You are wading into a large sea--there are many, many considerations, and really no shortcuts for finding the piano sound that you like. I think most people here would agree that different instruments are best for different styles and individual pieces. And there are considerations such as the available funding and whether you want a hardware instrument or a software instrument. Tell us more, in other words...

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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    1) Galaxy Vienna Piano. But the factory presets don't really work for me. Soft is too soft and hard is too hard. It's important to decrease the dynamic range and I also did some changes to the velocity curve.

    I truly like Pianoteq's vibraphone and the random parameter change button.


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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    SampleTekk Seven Seas Grand.


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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoG View Post
    SampleTekk Seven Seas Grand.


    Also ArtVista Virtual Grand 2.

    If however I were doing Classical music, I would probably use the Garritan Steinway.
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    Re: Update on best Pianos?

    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoG View Post
    SampleTekk Seven Seas Grand.

    Still my favourite (although I'd love to try Sampletekk's new pianos in Steinberg's "The Grand 3")...

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