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Topic: Sonic Implants Drums

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    Sonic Implants Drums

    Just downloaded Jay Kit Loose and Small Ambient and let me tell you, I wasn\'t expecting that much for such a low price. The samples are great, expressive and so much better than Clearmountain2 (sorry that\'s the only one I can compare it to ...what a rip off!).
    Great job guys!

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    Re: Sonic Implants Drums

    I\'ll second that! Been using the same for quite some time and I think they sound excellent. Whey can\'t all sample libraries be that affordable? (Did I just open up a can of worms?) Sorry guys, I just used that line to exagerate my point that these Sonic Implants sounds are excellent.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Drums

    ... and I am addicted to the Yamaha Loose Kit! Sure this library doesn\'t have articulations and such but it has kept me playing rythms from my keyboard all day. I\'ve also heard Topaz Kit\'s demo and sounds terrific too.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Drums

    I\'ll second that - the \"loose\" kit is really yummy and very nice and warm. It\'s also very playable, esp. the snare.

    I also like the low price and the easy download system - not waiting for a CD in the post (particularly for us non-Stateside musicians).



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    Re: Sonic Implants Drums

    I\'ve been using Sonic Implants drums the past year. After really digging down deep with them I\'m afraid they won\'t make it into any of my commercial releases. They just don\'t have that \"crack\" I need for rock music. I have Topaz drums, they do have a good crack, (did i just type that?) but they also cause problems with my Gigastudio editor. I\'m now looking into Pure Drums, they have a compressed kit which interests me.

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