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Topic: Is 64 bit here?

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    Is 64 bit here?

    Hi, I'm ready to buy a Mac Pro with 8 cores with 16gbs of ram..I was just wondering if both Cubase 5 and Kontakt now support 64 bits? thanks

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    Re: Is 64 bit here?

    Cubase 5 on Mac is NOT 64-bit yet, but it is already 64-bit on the PC !

    Kontakt 3.5 is NOT 64-bit on the Mac, but can utilize RAM outside the DAW, via their new system (Kontakt Memory Server) KMS. Kontakt 3.5 is already a 64-bit application on the PC, and does not need KMS to access additional RAM.

    As you can see 64-bit on the Mac is still not there, we are still trailing the PC world. Hopefully OSX-Snow Leopard will change things, and finally take us into 64-bit wonderland.

    OSX Snow-Leopard is due sometime in Sept. hopefully software developers will work fast, and hard, to get their apps. 64-bit ready shortly after OSX-SL is released. How long that's going to take is anyones guess.

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    Re: Is 64 bit here?

    which windows version is the best (and working!) for 64 bit audio apps?



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    Re: Is 64 bit here?

    Also, 16GB is the wrong amount of RAM to get. You need to get it in groups of 3, so you should only fill 6 memory slots, not 8.


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    Re: Is 64 bit here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daryl View Post
    Also, 16GB is the wrong amount of RAM to get. You need to get it in groups of 3, so you should only fill 6 memory slots, not 8.


    Yes, Thanks a lot I just read that.....anyway thanks for your answers but at this point I'll wait next summer to buy a Mac ...I want to plug it and start making music, instead of having Ram/cpu issues as we all had until now..

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    Re: Is 64 bit here?

    a couple of thoughts on 64 bit computing from a PC user for any PC users watching this thread...

    I was scared off by all original problems with Vista, so I stayed with XP. I did try XP64, but support for it was so scant that I gave up.

    When Windows 7 was released as a public beta I figured I had little to lose if I gave it a spin.

    With the exception of plug-ins it has been a fantastic experience. Both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Sonar installed and worked, as did Sound Forge 9, Wavelab 5, and Finale 2008 and Finale 2010. At this point I was pretty darned happy!

    Then came the nightmares...

    Windows keeps two install directories, one for code compiled for 32 bit operation and a second one for code compiled for 64 bit operation. It is, however, up to the developer to write the installer properly. Some did, some didn't. Many plug-ins ended up in the 64 bit directory tree even though they would not work there. And in the case of VST plug-ins that are provided as just a file or two you have to guess.

    When running a 64 bit host you need a wrapper if you want to use 32 bit plug-ins. For the most part the Cakewalk supplied wrapper worked well with Cakewalk provided plug-ins, except that most of their plug-ins have been re-compiled for 64 bit operation! Oh well.

    Some third party plug-ins worked well with the wrapper, some did not. So I installed a third party wrapper, and that really confused things.

    At that point I switched to using only the 32 bit version of Sonar, and once I got all the plug-ins moved to the correct directories it worked well. There is some small performance advantage running 32 bit applications in Windows 7 X64, but ultimately, at least for me, it wasn't enough.

    So that hard drive has been formatted and set back on the shelf for the next adventure.

    I will give Cakewalk kudos for sorting out most of the problems of using "legacy" plug-ins, but alas one gets used to one's tools, and losing some of them was not acceptable.

    I omitted the names of the plug-ins that did not work because this was an entirely unsupported configuration, and I don't think it is fair to pick on them for not working.

    I will highlight the fact that ALL my hardware worked properly, including:
    Frontier Design Dakota/Montana/Sierra
    Universal Audio UAD-1 and UAD-2
    Adaptec AHA-2940UW
    Pace iLok (yes, even the dreaded dongle!)

    For now I am going to wait for all my most used plug-ins to make the leap, NI has already done so, and so have several others. Sadly I'm out of steam and won't be testing them...
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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